1. Fay Smith

    Fay Smith

    11 timer siden

    Sean hitting opponents with his special move "the wanking hand jab"!!! 😂 😂

  2. Casper Malmborg

    Casper Malmborg

    12 timer siden

    Conor acting the fool like usual

  3. Xan Gray

    Xan Gray

    12 timer siden

    Stipe Strickland is the man

  4. Jake Owens

    Jake Owens

    13 timer siden

    Khamzat is like a Middle East version of Nate Diaz 😂😂😂

  5. Adrian Urbański

    Adrian Urbański

    13 timer siden

    These Adesanya voice cracks xD

  6. idk


    13 timer siden

    Chechnya is s tough tough place with warrior bred ppl.. He ain't scared of nothing... Should be cool to see.

  7. idk


    13 timer siden

    This fight would be amazing... These two monsters would be cool to see... Till will be a real test... If he can get past till he's a real prospect.

  8. BroMike Brogamez

    BroMike Brogamez

    13 timer siden

    that women in short black hair looks like a fking dude fr she must be lesbian

  9. Bola Bankz

    Bola Bankz

    14 timer siden

    How can you talk so much crud then turn around and say you’re not ready to fight him yet 😕 😕😕

  10. HP L1706

    HP L1706

    14 timer siden

    Thats why we need the mac - imagine pea head dustin doing this 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Toyota GtCoupe

    Toyota GtCoupe

    14 timer siden

    Chewed up face

  12. KhorneliusPraxx


    14 timer siden

    Please, do not hang the US flag backwards

  13. illip Atha

    illip Atha

    14 timer siden

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  14. LM47


    14 timer siden

    Conor: Me leg is titanium & now it's unbreakable !!♿ Dustin: Okay I'll break the other one.

  15. Osi O

    Osi O

    14 timer siden

    Shit, I need to start jerkin lefty. That's why my jab is so slow.

  16. Im_ StarBoy24

    Im_ StarBoy24

    14 timer siden

    Yet they never fight

  17. Shahrukh Pathan

    Shahrukh Pathan

    14 timer siden

    Tony was Crying Allnight, That's the Only Thing I have Khabib!!🤣

  18. SeattleSaint728


    15 timer siden

    Wtf I thought him and Dillon danis weren’t cool

  19. سبحان الله Sabet

    سبحان الله Sabet

    15 timer siden


  20. Darshit Parikh

    Darshit Parikh

    15 timer siden

    Tony is that type of guy who wakes up to sleep

  21. gravydog1


    15 timer siden

    This guy is more genuine than anything I've seen in a long time. Much respect.

  22. Dainty Tattooer87

    Dainty Tattooer87

    16 timer siden

    You definitely need to go on a mushroom journey haha

  23. henry b

    henry b

    16 timer siden

    Hall will not last, one, two fights, never be champion.

  24. Scott Mescudi

    Scott Mescudi

    16 timer siden

    This boy don't know what a corpse is ?

  25. Ryan Walker

    Ryan Walker

    16 timer siden

    Lewis looking around... Hmm? Where he at? Literally the same guy who asked him the previous question 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Ryan Walker

    Ryan Walker

    16 timer siden

    Derrick Lewis is a goddamn national treasure!

  27. Nasimul Ullah

    Nasimul Ullah

    17 timer siden

    This guy is American Michael Bisping

  28. CAP. Buz

    CAP. Buz

    17 timer siden

    hey champ champ


    17 timer siden

    "Come Back Of The Year, that means you sucked" lmao.

  30. paul mow

    paul mow

    18 timer siden

    Holland vs Strickland Do it.. don’t be scared HOMIE



    18 timer siden

    The just playing enjoying 😉😍😎

  32. me who?

    me who?

    18 timer siden

    Luckily he kept his tongue in when he received that uppercut to the chin

  33. alex erickson

    alex erickson

    18 timer siden

    “After I’m done fighting I’m gonna go on a shroom journey” hell yeh😂

  34. cnn


    18 timer siden

    After listening to this, I am now a new fan.

  35. Travis Ethridge

    Travis Ethridge

    18 timer siden

    Already a fan of this guy... UFC needs some character

  36. Daniel Foraboschi

    Daniel Foraboschi

    18 timer siden

    Lee sin vs Sion

  37. hyp3ract1v •

    hyp3ract1v •

    19 timer siden

    "He hurt my hands"

  38. DewkChronic


    19 timer siden

    FYI, Seans legs are thick. no skinny legs there.

  39. Anonymous  guy

    Anonymous guy

    19 timer siden


  40. Hansonmcbride


    19 timer siden

    Sean got into his head during this interview. When the press asked him about jerking off, he didnt know how to take it. He was confused and was distracted for a while... you can see it at 08:35

  41. folhair fola

    folhair fola

    19 timer siden


  42. Ernie NoCap

    Ernie NoCap

    19 timer siden

    This dude is weird bro

  43. Skrappin XIII

    Skrappin XIII

    19 timer siden

    everyone is basically on Yan's side now

  44. billcurry


    19 timer siden


  45. Sid Hussain Shaikh

    Sid Hussain Shaikh

    19 timer siden

    Conor is a Dumbest fighter I've seen in UFC.

  46. XxTheCount48xX Von Count

    XxTheCount48xX Von Count

    20 timer siden

    Damnit, watched a till video a minute ago and someone said every video is of him in his car. I was skeptical at first.

  47. BOB wz

    BOB wz

    20 timer siden

    The king will be Back✌

  48. unpopularopinion


    20 timer siden

    Texans are just different haha What an absolute stud.

  49. Been Everywhere

    Been Everywhere

    20 timer siden


  50. GrandMastaGrimm


    20 timer siden

    Strickland will probably die one die in the ring

  51. Eternal Links

    Eternal Links

    20 timer siden

    Cowboy looks so badass here.

  52. MMA's Father

    MMA's Father

    21 time siden

    It's like Nate Diaz and Stipe Bisping had a Nick Diaz baby...

  53. josh locke

    josh locke

    21 time siden

    I'm a fan

    • josh locke

      josh locke

      21 time siden

      My favorite part bout Sean is is reckless, careless attitude

  54. J Phillips

    J Phillips

    21 time siden

    Absolute Madman

  55. Joe Shuler

    Joe Shuler

    21 time siden

    This dudes a trip 🤣🤣🤣

  56. CodyS777


    21 time siden

    Damn I miss his childlike and mystical energy. Say what you want about him but he was definitely one of a kind.

  57. Cliff Booth

    Cliff Booth

    22 timer siden

    What a puppet... SMH his a actor/fighter there trying to get you to take something that you don't need and using celebrities to push the agenda.. people wake up truth in plain sight🙏

  58. Jacob Daniel

    Jacob Daniel

    22 timer siden

    Hall has a problem hurting people i think and it makes him gun shy. The gnarly spin ko and then the weidman leg broke i think has him in a shell now and he just seems like he doesn’t wanna be there anymore. He seemed to always start slow but dude has heart. I hope it’s not the end of him but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the start of the end. Sean a wild guy and props to him for getting it done! We definitely gonna see more of him but i dunno if i see him beating izzy

  59. Steven Guilkey

    Steven Guilkey

    22 timer siden

    Sean.just showed how creepy he is. I bet his computer search history would uncover some weird and shocking stuff 😆

  60. Mikey-kun


    22 timer siden

    No hate: fat logan paul vs Tall Floyed mayweather jr

  61. Anthony Johnson

    Anthony Johnson

    22 timer siden

    I like this guy's humor and personality!

  62. Listen These Guys Make A Ton Of Money

    Listen These Guys Make A Ton Of Money

    23 timer siden

    I love ya D Lewis, but no lie big bro. Francis gonna baptize your ass this time around.

  63. Lazio Morphine

    Lazio Morphine

    23 timer siden

    Call me a wanker

  64. joe vasconcelos

    joe vasconcelos

    23 timer siden

    Damn this is middleweight Cowboy

  65. James McKay

    James McKay

    23 timer siden

    No. Filter.

  66. Used Condom

    Used Condom

    23 timer siden

    You dont put your arm around the President of the Russian Federation you idiot. You dont put your arm around any world leader.

  67. TheForeskinVampire,Slayer!


    Dag siden

    best after fight interview ever! Sean is funny AF! Id love to see him take out Izzy.....just so we can hear his thoughts on life on the regular & more insights on his advice.

  68. Yusufina


    Dag siden


  69. Deejay Rofis

    Deejay Rofis

    Dag siden

    Damn this guy move, sounds and look like Michael Bisbing.

  70. Geno Batchelor (All Rights Matter)

    Geno Batchelor (All Rights Matter)

    Dag siden

    Urija nailing it Everywhere. ( John, training partners going hard at times, but cool off when your respond, feeling at home at a gym.)

  71. Shotteryy


    Dag siden

    I think we deserve to see the face of the guy that always gets the first question 😂

  72. Jake lavoie

    Jake lavoie

    Dag siden


  73. T.B. Bishop

    T.B. Bishop

    Dag siden

    Sláinte mo chara.

  74. Greg Deluga

    Greg Deluga

    Dag siden

    A man of culture. Respect good sir.

  75. Jayden Shannon

    Jayden Shannon

    Dag siden

    these dudes are selling this shit like the wwe lmao