Chris Weidman: "Let's go for a walk!"; Former champion walks unaided five weeks after leg break

Via @Chrisweidman

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  1. Mike Moore

    Mike Moore

    4 dager siden

    Man it is good to see Chris up and walking around and recovering well. I was really worried about him because that is a hard injury to come back from. I was watching the fight with he and Hall and it made me really feel for him when he broke his leg. I would still like to see them fight again.

  2. Backyard Stories

    Backyard Stories

    16 dager siden

    I concur weidman is a monster

  3. E Girl

    E Girl

    18 dager siden

    Bruh Chris took 5 weeks while Aljo is taking like 3 months. Bruh Dj got ko'd by a knee while he was grounded and was up faster than Aljo

  4. Conscious Notes

    Conscious Notes

    18 dager siden

    What an absolute savage

  5. Acho Official

    Acho Official

    18 dager siden

    His leg made me a fan of him.

  6. Floki 966

    Floki 966

    18 dager siden

    Glad he’s on his feet

  7. S W

    S W

    18 dager siden

    Bet he regrets celebrating in Anderson's face when it happened to him

  8. Paul Mill

    Paul Mill

    18 dager siden

    This dude...

  9. Toni Blackstone

    Toni Blackstone

    18 dager siden

    Imagine next fight, same happens with the other leg.

  10. 🩸Mercury🩸


    19 dager siden

    Your up and walking nothing more, EVER!

  11. Tanuky


    19 dager siden

    Damnnn bro so happy for you👍 keep pushing and keep getting better, glad to see you walking again

  12. PerrinG


    19 dager siden

    Get well quick champ👏👏

  13. Mudson Jones

    Mudson Jones

    19 dager siden

    Chael had a great point regarding Chris. He hasn't lost a fight yet in his loss-streak where he got absolutely dominated. He got caught by strikes he shouldn't have of course, but i don't necessarily think he's done. After his leg recovers 100% it'll be interesting to see if he can pull out a couple more wins. A Rockhold rematch maybe?

  14. Michael Kasum

    Michael Kasum

    19 dager siden

    True champ 💪

  15. The Notorious

    The Notorious

    19 dager siden


  16. Quarthon


    19 dager siden

    Broke my shin just like that 38 years ago. Was in a cast up to my thigh for 6 weeks and couldnt bend my knee even after I got the cast off for 2 weeks. Technology has come a long way to broken bones.

  17. sonny


    19 dager siden

    i suspect he now has a rod in his leg considering his age? when i broke mine in a similar fashion they told me had i been older they would've given me a titanium rod as well. so i guess that wouldn't give me much anxiety either

  18. Pirate Radio

    Pirate Radio

    19 dager siden

    Yo the thumbnail looks like Jared from subway just strolled out of prison.

  19. Paulo cesar Silva

    Paulo cesar Silva

    19 dager siden

    Vc irá sentir que o spider sentia quando ele ia lutar

  20. Paulo cesar Silva

    Paulo cesar Silva

    19 dager siden

    Spider americano

  21. Face Man

    Face Man

    19 dager siden

    That’s a blessing....The Lord is good!!!

  22. Edward Torres

    Edward Torres

    19 dager siden


  23. User Anonymous

    User Anonymous

    19 dager siden

    Please retire. Take your time. Don't try and prove yourself

  24. douggherkin


    19 dager siden

    Chris Weidman is WOLVERINE !

  25. Dana McArdle

    Dana McArdle

    19 dager siden

    WAY TO GO CHAMP ! ! !

  26. Blaz K

    Blaz K

    19 dager siden

    very happy and surprised to see this warrior already on his feet

  27. Andy Patterson

    Andy Patterson

    19 dager siden

    CHRIS IS THE MAN! SO happy for you!

  28. Ронда Берн

    Ронда Берн

    19 dager siden

    He may never fight again

  29. Carl


    19 dager siden

    Anyone who had any serious bone fractures knew how really impressive to see him recover that quickly.

  30. alexs aquariums

    alexs aquariums

    20 dager siden

    Crazy 🤪

  31. CiganoBoxer


    20 dager siden

    This is great to see .

  32. ay dan

    ay dan

    20 dager siden

    He needs to do some ‘knees over toes’ lunges

  33. KCBkotastrophie -

    KCBkotastrophie -

    20 dager siden

    Never skip leg day

  34. robertg305


    20 dager siden

    So glad he's doing better

  35. Crimson Bot

    Crimson Bot

    20 dager siden

    The bright bottom subjectively snow because handle notably slip inside a automatic mistake. parsimonious, plastic weapon

  36. jameshello38


    20 dager siden

    So senzu beans really exist

  37. soul4saken


    20 dager siden

    This is freaking amazing

  38. John Kennelly

    John Kennelly

    20 dager siden

    WTF? Didm’t he just break his leg like a month or two ago? This man is wolverine.

  39. Samuel Alexander

    Samuel Alexander

    20 dager siden

    That is awesome

  40. David Ryan

    David Ryan

    20 dager siden

    Your legs look the size of 112 year-old little girl Put some weight on that body you look like a stick figure

  41. Devan aire Mccallister

    Devan aire Mccallister

    20 dager siden

    Man, it’s time to hang up the gloves man. You’re not progressing in any of the fights you’re in.

  42. Zug G

    Zug G

    20 dager siden

    i hope he's on some kind of sauzule

  43. JakeDotCom


    20 dager siden


  44. Kurho Oni

    Kurho Oni

    20 dager siden

    I squeeze my butt each time his leg hit the ground lol

  45. Colton Davis

    Colton Davis

    20 dager siden


  46. Ruby Carbuncle

    Ruby Carbuncle

    20 dager siden

    Technology truly has improved drastically. For him to be walking after 5 weeks of a complete snap is beyond unimaginable. Happy for you Chris, May God grant you good health.

  47. Judo Highlights

    Judo Highlights

    20 dager siden

    This is unbelievable. I had the same injury happen to me and it took me a year to walk again.

  48. Stephen C

    Stephen C

    20 dager siden

    Still my boy.

  49. California Love

    California Love

    20 dager siden

    Chris, I'm happy to see that your recovery is going well! God Bless.🙏

  50. Mike Luttor

    Mike Luttor

    20 dager siden

    Great news, good to see that he's recovering fast. 👏👏👏



    20 dager siden

    He shouldn’t fight again! That was horrific, I saw it live and never thought he would walk again. Bless him!

  52. Logan Myall

    Logan Myall

    20 dager siden

    I literally almost don't believe it. Holy cow.

  53. murph


    20 dager siden

    Get it son! u more then ever now it even matters but still,it doesn't always take a fight to show what you are made of!

  54. Natedoc808


    20 dager siden

    Blood flow restriction + NMES with Straight leg raises = no Christmas cards from my patients. The Alter-G is perfect for that type of injury! Keep at it Chris, even if you don’t fight again, you’ll always be the champ!!

  55. JC LI

    JC LI

    20 dager siden

    Dam thank god he didnt lose his leg. He probably wont fight mma but he can still grapple

  56. Josh Wilson

    Josh Wilson

    20 dager siden


  57. The Tiger of Kai

    The Tiger of Kai

    20 dager siden

    Damn that fast

  58. Rocky305MS


    20 dager siden

    Thank god.

  59. Incognito Picogram

    Incognito Picogram

    20 dager siden

    I hope he wins the belt again also hope I win the lottery

  60. JimBob Wood

    JimBob Wood

    20 dager siden

    Oh wow! Phenomenal! Amazing bro

  61. Luis Hernanfes

    Luis Hernanfes

    20 dager siden

    Nice to see chris walking again

  62. Sawyer Rice

    Sawyer Rice

    20 dager siden

    Does he get knocked out unconscious in this video? If not, I'm not sure we can really confirm this is in fact Chris Weidman lol

  63. Ryan Boone

    Ryan Boone

    20 dager siden

    God bless!!

  64. casual destroyer

    casual destroyer

    20 dager siden

    Nothing stopping this man

  65. hubert wahlang

    hubert wahlang

    20 dager siden

    Sad to see him retire this way

  66. Rob D

    Rob D

    21 dag siden

    Continued prayers for the speediest of recoveries!

  67. Mike Kollin - Spiritual Awakening

    Mike Kollin - Spiritual Awakening

    21 dag siden

    They learned how to fix this type of injury faster from working with Mr. Anderson! Silva that is!! Glad to see you healing fast Chris!!

  68. Bobby Joe Trouble

    Bobby Joe Trouble

    21 dag siden


  69. Sriracha Sauce

    Sriracha Sauce

    21 dag siden

    Fucking savage! He has that fighter mentality

  70. spacetime


    21 dag siden

    Modern medicine man

  71. MrOctober


    21 dag siden

    What a savage

  72. farmjohnny


    21 dag siden

    What a Stud!!!

  73. TheProdigy-NL-


    21 dag siden

    Wonder if he wil ever be the same after that .. i meen 100% you wil never low kick the same after that your body wil stop you from going full force, plus he is like 36 years old i realy hope he fully recovers but i think its done for Weidman.

  74. Thomas H.

    Thomas H.

    21 dag siden

    Weidman is built different

  75. Toli Riba

    Toli Riba

    21 dag siden

    Happy to see him walk.. good luck

  76. Robert Titchener

    Robert Titchener

    21 dag siden

    Good to see, all the best from England 👍

  77. Rory Edwards

    Rory Edwards

    21 dag siden

    Things you love to see

  78. Alex __226

    Alex __226

    21 dag siden

    Gotta love that smile in the final clip.

  79. KOR VAR


    21 dag siden

    You’d think he was the first person to break a leg

  80. Cviksi


    21 dag siden

    Tony would be kicking steelpipes by now! But glad to see, that he is back on his feet

  81. Jeffrey Rent

    Jeffrey Rent

    21 dag siden

    Mind of a soldier, heart of a champion. Much love and respect.

  82. Asyraf Shaharudin

    Asyraf Shaharudin

    21 dag siden

    It's still his legs Weidman dad.

  83. jim lotus

    jim lotus

    21 dag siden


  84. Nic Slayer

    Nic Slayer

    21 dag siden

    5 weeks holy fuck

  85. Evangelista Steopic

    Evangelista Steopic

    21 dag siden

    YEAAAAHHH HELL YEAH!!! Fucking eh man I love this Mr Weidman is a beast and still one of the best. Hes a true inspiration.

  86. juntjoo nunya

    juntjoo nunya

    21 dag siden

    Ouch! Why push it? They should just have him on a leg press with progressive weights every day. I wouldn't dare stand on that thing after what happened to it for months

  87. Bobby Sutherland

    Bobby Sutherland

    21 dag siden

    That was legit the worst I have seen watching UFC 🥱

  88. Content For your Mind

    Content For your Mind

    21 dag siden

    Breaks heals faster than Sprains. Good for him.

  89. Texan713


    21 dag siden

    Crazy to see how far his leg has improved when it feels like yesterday that he broke it.

  90. Omar Q

    Omar Q

    21 dag siden

    That's amazing. You got this Chris.

  91. Steven Lewis

    Steven Lewis

    21 dag siden

    I was walking unaided bar a plastic shoe, after 6 and no expert trainers or the likes...its not that impressive to be honest,especially for an athlete who has extra care and training each day.

  92. Atomic 3301

    Atomic 3301

    21 dag siden

    Chris's a beast, heal up champ💪👊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  93. Jaryne Sangma

    Jaryne Sangma

    21 dag siden

    Modern science do wonders.

  94. jadonplox


    21 dag siden

    walhs? thats a fucking H not a K

  95. RA28


    21 dag siden

    Weidman..better stay the F away from octagon for his own sake....truth be told he was lucky enough for or Silva to beat himself and he became a Champ ...ever since than never looked good apart from the eyes of the media and his UFC relationship that feed him bullshit hype for their own interest and pay check....if Weidman is stupid enough to come back after this injury....his more stupid than I thought he is...

  96. Naveen Dadlani

    Naveen Dadlani

    21 dag siden

    Hi Chris, way to go. Very happy to see you get better

  97. Hasan Jusufovic

    Hasan Jusufovic

    21 dag siden

    Wow FWB already!

  98. christian nwodo

    christian nwodo

    21 dag siden

    With the extra iron on the leg, his leg will be a dangerous weapon

  99. Karthekeya KM

    Karthekeya KM

    21 dag siden

    Aljamin Sterling is still unconscious coz of the knee... Lol

  100. Spirt Junkie

    Spirt Junkie

    21 dag siden

    How did it heal that fast