Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul: Heavy Bag and Pad Work Comparison

Check out the two main eventers do their work ahead of Sunday.

Footage via floydmayweather

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  1. Sabee Kazmi

    Sabee Kazmi

    3 dager siden

    Seriously brah...I am far better than him

  2. xSILNTx Gh0sT

    xSILNTx Gh0sT

    7 dager siden

    0:15 me when my brother hogs the Xbox controller

  3. Imnotverycool11


    12 dager siden

    Logan looks like a dude who realized he had big muscles and said "yea I could probably box"

  4. matthew lama

    matthew lama

    13 dager siden

    Floyd's skill is mesmerising.

  5. chirazi


    13 dager siden

    This shows why Paul is the Goat of boxing now

  6. Miles


    13 dager siden

    Logan is a complete joke

  7. Stompin McAllister

    Stompin McAllister

    13 dager siden

    He will step on the gas about the fourth round After Paul throws himself out. If money he can defend long enough from a ko. Then my guess would be money Mayweather please make a fool of him didn't let him make you throw the fight for money money Mayweather.

  8. Avery


    13 dager siden

    FULL FIGHT POSTED HERE: nonet.info/glo/video/h2OOYIxmmcp9mn8

  9. south97north


    13 dager siden

    He's an Olympian. Give him his respect.

  10. Succubus


    13 dager siden

    Love the fact how floyd looks so relaxed and composed in his training

  11. David's Content

    David's Content

    13 dager siden

    Mayweather‘s gonna pick Logan apart, Logan‘s slow as shit in his hands and feet. He can’t even hit that heavy bag correctly , there’s no Pop in his hits. Don’t get me wrong the dudes in fucking shape I definitely cannot throw a jab , so in reality how is he going to set up Floyd. Even with the punches chance I don’t think that Floyds is gonna see that coming ?

    • Chris M

      Chris M

      12 dager siden

      How did this comment age?

  12. bek san

    bek san

    13 dager siden

    Floyd hitting pads are a thing of beauty 😍

  13. Lifting Chick

    Lifting Chick

    13 dager siden

    It's hypnotizing watching Floyd hit pads. With Logan Paul it's like a car that can't get started.

  14. Gza Ob1 (Graham Miller)

    Gza Ob1 (Graham Miller)

    13 dager siden

    Mayweather just pissed his entire career down the toilet in my opinion. Fighting this bum NOnetr.

  15. Rex Nike

    Rex Nike

    13 dager siden

    Watch, Floyd gunna bet a ton of money against himself and take a dive. It’s only and exhibition right? Lol watch

  16. Burlykim13


    13 dager siden

    Logan gonna get pieced the fuck up. Coming from a fan of neither. There’s level to this shit and Logan decades behind.

  17. Hari Om

    Hari Om

    13 dager siden

    It's really hilarious watching Logan hit the bag with no power compared to Floyd

  18. Alejandrou Castillo

    Alejandrou Castillo

    13 dager siden

    No se pasen de lanza es obvio que Mony, tine 40 años contra un jovencito de 21 años

  19. SSM tv

    SSM tv

    13 dager siden

    I know one Guy is the local pub that throws punches like Logan Paul

  20. joseph morris

    joseph morris

    13 dager siden

    I think Mayweather is gonna go in the ring and pick apart Logan, he's really gonna destroy his ribs and hurt his body a lot. Logans inexperience is gonna really hurt him, Mayweather knows the angles and he is gonna out class him. Logans only hope is a miracle knockout lol

  21. lento7421


    13 dager siden

    Mayweather vs canelo would be a more challenging fight.

  22. Leonard Ware

    Leonard Ware

    13 dager siden

    Why does logan look a big female hitting the bag

  23. Homedog


    13 dager siden

    Floyd all day fellas

  24. Micheal


    13 dager siden

    I would be honored to have Mayweather knock me out at 1 second of the very first round.

  25. H B

    H B

    13 dager siden

    Garbage sport. Let’s fights 30 no names to get a flawless record and then, when we have that undefeated title and we have the fame, let’s fight someone either past their prime, or someone that is 21 yo, or a no name that no one cares about. It’s never the best against the best and it seems like there’s 10000 different belts. Promoters have their fair share of blame.

  26. Sam Bone

    Sam Bone

    13 dager siden

    What people don't realize is that if you crop Floyd punching the bag next to Logan, you will clearly see Floyd hitting Logan's knee's.

  27. yo momma

    yo momma

    13 dager siden

    We all know this is bullshit

  28. Parker Procise

    Parker Procise

    13 dager siden

    Logan is levels below Floyd but the heavy bag comparison is silly. Logan's by is probably 50 pounds heavier and he was just doing a drill to throw as many punches in x amount of time. The pad work though haha. Logan gonna get ko'd keeping his hands down like that

  29. Joe Barron

    Joe Barron

    13 dager siden

    I'll be surprised if Logan lands 1 shot outside of the clinch

  30. Jason Hutcherson

    Jason Hutcherson

    13 dager siden

    Mayweather looked better on bag and way better on pads. But that doesnt mean he will definitely win! Should but logan has a punchers chance.

  31. Name Faust

    Name Faust

    13 dager siden

    And people will still pay for this...it'll be on NOnet in 5 hrs..

  32. Steven Bollero Jr

    Steven Bollero Jr

    13 dager siden

    Mayweather gonna do what he's done to everyone. Make them miss, jab their face off and counter with the right.

  33. Ramon Velazco

    Ramon Velazco

    13 dager siden

    Bag dont punch back mayweather does

  34. Jude Mathew (Pheonix)

    Jude Mathew (Pheonix)

    13 dager siden

    Floyd hitting the pads looks like the fucking coolest handshake ever

  35. Sergio Jimenez

    Sergio Jimenez

    13 dager siden

    will be fun to watch how Mayweather wins, I bet for a hook to the liver

  36. AppEngr


    13 dager siden

    Floyd should come back for real and humble Canelo.

  37. pandorasbox 1000

    pandorasbox 1000

    13 dager siden

    Iván Drago vs Apollo creed

  38. Tupac Rogan

    Tupac Rogan

    13 dager siden

    Floyds soo fucking smooth 🔥🔥🤣🤣

  39. Landon Cube

    Landon Cube

    13 dager siden

    You can see even now everything Mayweather throws is precise

  40. zacktheripr


    13 dager siden

    Floyd is going to win this.

  41. Sorvøy


    13 dager siden

    Logan keeps talking about his power and strength. He'll need a very lucky punch landing to have a chance at winning, as his movement is so basic.

  42. Mike andrews

    Mike andrews

    13 dager siden

    Oh wow! He's so bad! Eew

  43. Jose_S_Bam


    13 dager siden

    Night and day.

  44. algerierz


    13 dager siden

    The most obvious factor I see in the difference is how real boxers still maintain head and body movement while attacking. Look at Logan Paul or other boxing nonames like him, when they attack or punch, the rest of their body is stiff, counter punching is going to be a piece of cake for people far less skilled than Mayweather

  45. algerierz


    13 dager siden

    Logan Paul moves the way I always imagined a buff bodybuilder would move if he actually trained to fight. Moves look slow, stiff. He has no chance to hurt floyd with technique, the only way I see Floyd getting hurt or near hurt is by the weight difference.

  46. Chris Aman

    Chris Aman

    13 dager siden

    Floyd truly is a master and I’m not a huge fan but cannot denie the skill. wow He looks like he come out of womb with gloves on

  47. MountainMonstaEnt.


    13 dager siden

    Logan has one of the worst jabs I've ever seen... and that's not even hate cause I do respect his balls but damn that thing needs work..

  48. The monster Legend

    The monster Legend

    13 dager siden

    Floyd is just Matt from wii sport

  49. Jstar killah

    Jstar killah

    13 dager siden

    Paul has no stamina lololol Money all day

  50. Rob Relevant

    Rob Relevant

    13 dager siden


  51. Adam Ragoonanan

    Adam Ragoonanan

    13 dager siden

    Wdf is logan doing

  52. Apparent


    13 dager siden

    Floyd dancin with it Honestly gonna be so entertaining to watch him school this amateur

  53. Josh francis

    Josh francis

    13 dager siden

    Logan Paul by 5 second KO. Mayweather is too small, too brittle, and too bitch to take one shot from boxing GOD Logan Paul. Tbh a more fair matchup for Floyd is Greg Paul. Jake would KO Floyd in 4 seconds and break Masvidals record....

  54. Edsel Woodie

    Edsel Woodie

    13 dager siden

    Logan punching that bag like a child having a tantrum . Center all open 👍 just foolishness I say 😂🤣

  55. Edsel Woodie

    Edsel Woodie

    13 dager siden

    This is where you shouldn't let your friends gas you up !! 😂🤣

  56. Eddie


    13 dager siden

    Its like watching the best boxer vs a bum from the street practice hitting mits.🤦‍♂️

  57. sharqy19


    13 dager siden

    the guy holding the pads for floyd could easily take out Paul! but that wouldn't make money.

  58. matteo batteria

    matteo batteria

    13 dager siden

    Pffff😂 c’mon guys.. seriously

  59. Zuluman


    13 dager siden

    Where’s the comparison?

  60. Max Moore

    Max Moore

    13 dager siden

    This is about to be a clown show and to think there are some idiots that it took coming to see this video convinced them. Have you seen them both fight. Mayweather about to embarrass him. Paul Brothers have clear cardio issues. They still need to work on conditioning

  61. jj huffstutler

    jj huffstutler

    13 dager siden

    Why does Logan Paul punch like that? He doesn't set none of his power shots up with combos.

  62. Johngottisentme


    13 dager siden

    Floyd paid this dude to look bad 100%

  63. Gaius Iulius Caesar

    Gaius Iulius Caesar

    13 dager siden

    GG Floyd

  64. Alex Makepeace

    Alex Makepeace

    13 dager siden

    Mayweather will win but let's face it the pad man is hitting Mayweather s gloves not the other way round

  65. greshka


    13 dager siden

    if this was an MMA match Logan would dominate him through his weight but in a boxing match who knows...

  66. Hanoi Tripper

    Hanoi Tripper

    13 dager siden

    Floyd is so smooth

  67. Als Ceo

    Als Ceo

    13 dager siden

    May Logan Substain deadly head drama, amen

  68. atakan efe

    atakan efe

    13 dager siden

    Damn, Floyd hitting pads is an art

  69. Dominic Nunez

    Dominic Nunez

    13 dager siden


  70. sunnice2


    13 dager siden

    Logan has zero technique...hands always go down after he throws and he moves so slow and almost lazy

  71. Desired Mind

    Desired Mind

    13 dager siden

    imma laugh hard at all u mf in the comments if logan actually wins

  72. k c

    k c

    13 dager siden

    Floyd been my guy since the Chico fight, only real fight fans know, the best of his era and p4p best pure boxer all time, but he's also got as little respect to the fans and the sport as his old boss shit head Arum. This shit is a damn shame to the sport just for a money grab, a damn shame. Thanks for topping off arguably the best career in the sport with the biggest ruse of all time SMH

  73. James Metelski

    James Metelski

    13 dager siden

    Floyd gonna be seeing this combos like slow mo filter

  74. Ahmed Ahajjam

    Ahmed Ahajjam

    13 dager siden

    It is all about the money, I would also fight Floyd and let him knock me out the first round and wake up in an lamborgini...

    • Kazuya Mishima

      Kazuya Mishima

      13 dager siden

      let him..

  75. James Bondage

    James Bondage

    13 dager siden

    Well at least this paul brother is fighting an actual boxer

  76. Indifferent NMer™

    Indifferent NMer™

    13 dager siden

    Paul looks stiff.

  77. Chris White

    Chris White

    13 dager siden

    Logan punches slow and sloppy as F so floyd will see them all coming and destroy him with ease.. 🙄 pointless match

  78. Quarantine-Carpenter-Builds


    13 dager siden

    It takes 10 years just to master how to throw a Jab, the most basic yet most important punch in a Boxer's arsenal.

  79. Mr. Rudy Bigboote

    Mr. Rudy Bigboote

    13 dager siden

    Floyd has instincts and muscle memory developed over decades of training while Logan...🤔. Floyd is going to toy with Logan and could easily end the fight in the first round if he chose to do so.

  80. Sa Li

    Sa Li

    13 dager siden

    Logan paul gonna be the new Nate Robinson meme.

  81. pikupz


    13 dager siden

    Floyd's a fucking beast, what is this ultra instinct

  82. Alex G Puga

    Alex G Puga

    13 dager siden

    There should allow to bet on how many punches this slow azz joker its gonna land on Mayweather so we all can make $$$ off this circus..

  83. Minh Ngoc

    Minh Ngoc

    13 dager siden

    floyd gonna murder the problem child and i dont mind it at all

    • Minh Ngoc

      Minh Ngoc

      13 dager siden

      bro if you really think jake will win this fight you are absolutly delusional but i wont hold you up to loose all your money go bet if you know that hes going to win

  84. james seven6

    james seven6

    13 dager siden

    Logan Sloppy footwork Hands down low ALWAYS No power no snap in any of his shots Sorry Logan fangirls, he and Jake are not real fighters or at least not really any good at it

  85. Mi Ch

    Mi Ch

    13 dager siden

    Looks like Paul gonna lose

  86. Duggy


    13 dager siden

    Whats comical here is the amount of casual fans out there who think this youtuber has a chance of beating the best to ever do it.

  87. Googleemployees Arecucks

    Googleemployees Arecucks

    13 dager siden

    May weather may be a good boxer but he’s a low level street fighter He’d get mauled by low level ufc guys

  88. Daniel Murray

    Daniel Murray

    13 dager siden

    Floyd is so smooth

  89. Poe's


    13 dager siden

    I mean Mayweather is on his own lvl like he is the best out there ... But gotta give it to logan he looks like an actual fighter god damn ... mad respect

  90. Juanpa trejos

    Juanpa trejos

    13 dager siden

    se lo va a farmear en 1 round

  91. Filipe Gil

    Filipe Gil

    13 dager siden

    Very good... but bag not hit back

  92. Q45 Television

    Q45 Television

    13 dager siden

    floyd is a Machine

  93. BigBadaBing


    13 dager siden

    Jake looks like he trains boxing, Floyd looks like owns boxing.

  94. James Clark

    James Clark

    13 dager siden

    How can you watch any of this and think Paul has a chance? I assume Mayweather will just dance around Paul. However, Mayweather could take Paul's head off if he wanted to.

  95. Chomps360


    13 dager siden

    Bro Floyd going to take him to the later rounds just to ko him

  96. Watch Me Do This

    Watch Me Do This

    13 dager siden

    Floyd wouldn't even get a sweat on doing this all day

  97. HuyRebel (Osnapitz huy)

    HuyRebel (Osnapitz huy)

    13 dager siden

    if you look at 1:30, the padman is faster 😁

  98. S Yoon

    S Yoon

    13 dager siden

    Floyd hitting the pad sounds like ASMR

  99. Retro Dealer 64#

    Retro Dealer 64#

    13 dager siden

    😅 Floyd looks like a clown. With his outfit. And his white tights😂.

  100. Retro Dealer 64#

    Retro Dealer 64#

    13 dager siden

    Size is not going to help Logan win?. Big Show's bigger than him. And Floyd punched him out?😂.