Floyd Mayweather won’t let Logan Paul break eye contact during Face Off in Versace Mansion

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  1. Nejc Blažun

    Nejc Blažun

    13 dager siden

    I though they would kiss

  2. Brother Jason Brown

    Brother Jason Brown

    14 dager siden

    I hope he hurts him just bad enough so they don’t let these guys fight anymore

  3. Colton Simmons

    Colton Simmons

    14 dager siden

    Why does Floyd look like big Sean?

  4. Nad Ham

    Nad Ham

    15 dager siden

    floyd he's gonna eat him alive this kid his not good enough

  5. LuGabooga


    15 dager siden

    Logan was about to gotcha lips

  6. Dennis Mijac

    Dennis Mijac

    15 dager siden

    Paul Logan is a joke ...he is only in here cause of the money. I dont understand , how Floyd even can consider fighting this guy

  7. Dennis Mijac

    Dennis Mijac

    15 dager siden

    Acting acting

  8. D Walrus

    D Walrus

    15 dager siden

    Second timer watch this it's good and funny Mayweather burned.in took him to school

  9. D Walrus

    D Walrus

    15 dager siden

    Tyson always said when you get them to break stare you know you've got them beat

  10. TRN Renato

    TRN Renato

    15 dager siden

    love at first sight🤣🤣

  11. Alex Mercader

    Alex Mercader

    15 dager siden

    The runner vs the youtuber

  12. Outsider 88

    Outsider 88

    15 dager siden

    Does this bum anyone else out?

  13. LaCosa x

    LaCosa x

    15 dager siden

    Logan is a lot bigger it seems

  14. Aj Kurcic

    Aj Kurcic

    15 dager siden

    Floyd beat him at the stare down it was a mental battle

  15. Craig Finno

    Craig Finno

    15 dager siden

    I think Logan had a chance till Jake stole the hat Floyd gonna punish him for that

  16. Orac Crao

    Orac Crao

    15 dager siden

    50 pound difference

  17. Shade 60

    Shade 60

    15 dager siden

    Just two bums about to make millions because the human race is dumb enough to buy into this act and pay to watch it.

  18. Fuckyoux


    15 dager siden

    What they doing? About to kiss and pump each other?

  19. MattDollars


    15 dager siden

    Sports medicine contractors doesn’t allow any fighter to break eye contact with Floyd Mayweather

  20. Parka Keepgoing

    Parka Keepgoing

    15 dager siden

    Great fight Unlike the usual boxing mismatch we seen recently Golovkiin/ Steve Rolls Canelo / Rocky Fielding or Yield Rim Bum

  21. Tony Tone

    Tony Tone

    15 dager siden

    Just looking at it

  22. Austin Clarke

    Austin Clarke

    15 dager siden

    God I hope this is a war but we know the outcome is going to be a no contest due to it going 8 rounds

  23. The Silent Krissy

    The Silent Krissy

    15 dager siden

    Looking into deaths eyes

  24. Drew Dunlevy

    Drew Dunlevy

    15 dager siden

    Are they gonna makeout?

  25. Eladio Maquinto

    Eladio Maquinto

    15 dager siden

    Floyd said"you don't know about boxing"so this is boxing fighting a dumb youtuber🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Eladio Maquinto

    Eladio Maquinto

    15 dager siden

    Stop this nonsense🤣🤣🤣

  27. Zerimar Auhsoj

    Zerimar Auhsoj

    15 dager siden

    How you gunna prevent someone from stopping eye contact when you're wearing shades 🤦🏽‍♂️

  28. ahmad aleid

    ahmad aleid

    15 dager siden

    Pacman fighting undefeated prime boxer while Floyd fighting NOnetr.

  29. Uniform Down

    Uniform Down

    15 dager siden

    the only time floyd moves forward



    15 dager siden


  31. Java _

    Java _

    15 dager siden

    Wow better wait for mini khabib hasbulla vs Abdul raziq .. rather than this Floyd and modern days beggers 🥺

  32. Nick B

    Nick B

    15 dager siden

    so much bigger then floyd, would not be suprised if logan just aboslutely dominates floyd

  33. Dylan Tanner

    Dylan Tanner

    15 dager siden

    Just kiss already

  34. Nicky Horne

    Nicky Horne

    15 dager siden

    The kid that didn't beat ksi🙄😊

  35. yeah tbh.

    yeah tbh.

    15 dager siden

    imagine actually paying to watch this garbage.

  36. Al Vebuk

    Al Vebuk

    15 dager siden

    floyd easy

  37. robertg305


    15 dager siden

    I want Shannon Briggs

  38. Jonathon's Drawings

    Jonathon's Drawings

    15 dager siden

    Logan about to get his ass handed to him

  39. Surf wave Tim Ray

    Surf wave Tim Ray

    15 dager siden

    He's mini

  40. Mark Brown

    Mark Brown

    15 dager siden

    Floyd is so tiny, he cannot take a shot.

  41. Get Lost

    Get Lost

    15 dager siden

    Floyd beat this clown get it over with...

  42. Jeremiah David Monroe

    Jeremiah David Monroe

    16 dager siden

    Oh so that's where Santinos been.

  43. joshua martin

    joshua martin

    16 dager siden

    Hilarious neither of the Paul brothers can box great boxers, and can't go against people in their weight class. Lmfao.

  44. C h Dahl

    C h Dahl

    16 dager siden

    That's what alpha dogs do for dominance

  45. Joseph Gagaridis

    Joseph Gagaridis

    16 dager siden

    Floyd doing it old school a 2min eye stare

  46. closinginonclosure


    16 dager siden

    Face off for a fight or is there someone off screen marrying them and they're at the alter?

  47. MrBadintentionss


    16 dager siden

    someone's gonna work that body

  48. SalubriousEd


    16 dager siden

    Floyd looks like a 12 yr old kid with an old hobos face!

  49. Emille Du Plessis

    Emille Du Plessis

    16 dager siden

    They should have kissed

  50. Drew Randell

    Drew Randell

    16 dager siden

    This is why you need a Dana White to tell you to face forwards after the stare, lol. Weird af.

  51. taufan kusuma

    taufan kusuma

    16 dager siden

    Damn logan bigger than mayweather

  52. Sahil khan

    Sahil khan

    16 dager siden

    I hope Logan doesnt sneeze this time😂

  53. Yeah Buddy

    Yeah Buddy

    16 dager siden

    If that was Jake gotcha glasses 😂

  54. Art King Of WholeFoods

    Art King Of WholeFoods

    16 dager siden

    Gay 🌈.

  55. RatyTang


    16 dager siden

    i guess floyd still dont have his hat

  56. khalifa_kk808


    16 dager siden

    Floyd won the stare down

    • Eryk 1601

      Eryk 1601

      16 dager siden

      Floyd losses💪

  57. Nick Ward

    Nick Ward

    16 dager siden


  58. Si Y

    Si Y

    16 dager siden

    Was kinda gay

  59. Matthew Hill

    Matthew Hill

    16 dager siden

    Pathetic...the moron public are sucked in by such bullshit

  60. Samurai Jack087

    Samurai Jack087

    16 dager siden

    Kevin Hart is going to destroy logan Paul on Sunday.

  61. Yoyo


    16 dager siden

    I thought they were bouta kiss

  62. Agnaldo fernandes Pedro

    Agnaldo fernandes Pedro

    16 dager siden

    Logan paul 💪🤣🤣

  63. mob barley

    mob barley

    16 dager siden

    Logan couldn't even win the stare down

  64. Rayfort Collins

    Rayfort Collins

    16 dager siden

    Floyds hair growth pills kicked in lol

  65. Rohit Chourasiya RC

    Rohit Chourasiya RC

    16 dager siden

    If Logan does the same just like jake did he too gets knock out right here😂😂😂

  66. Kel W.

    Kel W.

    16 dager siden

    Floyd looks like Keven Heart on A vacation ! 😂😂 Still going to beat that young man into the canvas though.

  67. pilgrimage


    16 dager siden

    Logan Paul is done already

  68. SYAH K4

    SYAH K4

    16 dager siden

    Logan win

  69. bkit5


    16 dager siden

    Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss.... lol 😂 I can’t stand someone staring at me like that, I would rather get knocked out than have someone star in my face.

  70. Darris Scruggs

    Darris Scruggs

    16 dager siden

    Man may wheater go beat the fuck out of paul Logan he talk so much shit to may wheater paul knows whats up with may wheater thats why he tryed to walk away..............may wheater wasnt having that.........period...........

  71. Van Jon

    Van Jon

    16 dager siden


  72. Martin Saavedra

    Martin Saavedra

    16 dager siden

    Logan looks like he lowkey wants to kiss him.

  73. Rich Geithner

    Rich Geithner

    16 dager siden

    Logan thinks it's worth putting his life in danger😂😂

  74. Kirk Hardison

    Kirk Hardison

    16 dager siden

    Still waiting for Floyd to be able to read one page from a Harry Potter book. 50 said it not me.

  75. daniyal baig

    daniyal baig

    16 dager siden

    Logan will suffer damage.

  76. Lemmewinks Wikileaks

    Lemmewinks Wikileaks

    16 dager siden

    They got real intimate

  77. SideA


    16 dager siden

    Logan was shook. Look at him.

  78. Jay Santiago

    Jay Santiago

    16 dager siden

    Logan only can pick on small people

  79. Rice man

    Rice man

    16 dager siden

    He for damn sure didn’t wear a hat this time

  80. Roman Aldrich

    Roman Aldrich

    16 dager siden

    Adrian Broner?

  81. Conno


    16 dager siden

    Where's the other juice head turkey lately 🤔

  82. ImDeExpert


    16 dager siden

    Floyd's looking 40 pounds lighter than logan lmaoo

  83. Reznor440


    16 dager siden

    Why does anyone who films an event in public seem to have parkinsons disease

  84. Mthorh Gumede

    Mthorh Gumede

    16 dager siden

    Get yourself someone who looks at you the way Logan looks at Floyd

  85. Shivam singh patel

    Shivam singh patel

    16 dager siden

    2:15 logan looking down on floyd.

  86. Leonardo Lopes

    Leonardo Lopes

    16 dager siden

    Why didn't Logan show up with a "got your hat" shirt?

  87. Ahmar Ejaz

    Ahmar Ejaz

    16 dager siden

    This the best staged and pre-planned fight I will ever witness .

  88. Rob Westy

    Rob Westy

    16 dager siden

    Is it me or does this fight now just seem like background noise compared to the Jake Paul/Woodly fight?

  89. 1804 Jey

    1804 Jey

    16 dager siden

    For some reasons I feel like Paul Logan gone whoop Floyd Mayweather just how I feel u can see that

  90. lex350us


    16 dager siden

    Logan looking like a HW in there

  91. P S

    P S

    16 dager siden

    in a year from now no one will talk about the jake brothers ..they both get knocked the f out in their next fights

  92. Tasty Gravy

    Tasty Gravy

    16 dager siden

    Logan tried to walk away but Floyd didn't let him, "You walk away when I say you do", TBE.

  93. Adrian Perez

    Adrian Perez

    16 dager siden

    Mayweather already mind fucked him with that win

  94. EliteFifaGamer


    16 dager siden

    love to see everyones masks

  95. Blue Wendigo

    Blue Wendigo

    16 dager siden

    Logan ain't gonna do shit that white boy is on the 💰 bag.

  96. Kannyrado TV

    Kannyrado TV

    16 dager siden

    Loooooongest stare down ever

  97. Jay Saint

    Jay Saint

    16 dager siden


  98. Jay Saint

    Jay Saint

    16 dager siden

    Floyd gonna derail this clown

  99. boxing4 life

    boxing4 life

    16 dager siden

    Floyd looks like he really wants to put a beating on em

  100. Leonardo Santuario

    Leonardo Santuario

    16 dager siden

    This is cute