Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley spend 4 minutes talking s*** to each other's face during first face off

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  1. Tom Wyld

    Tom Wyld

    3 dager siden

    Hey nice music ! I think you should sing on a Beat made by #WETHEDAWQS! I think you would sound great together.

  2. Swamp Eye

    Swamp Eye

    5 dager siden

    Tyweed is hurtin to fight this kid. He will make more in this fight than what dana paid him for every fight

  3. Dm A7

    Dm A7

    6 dager siden

    Jake Paul trying to be Connor McGregor again. Also. Why do the Paul brothers only fight guys that are way smaller than them? Haha 🙄

  4. Sidy Baldé

    Sidy Baldé

    7 dager siden

    I remember Woodley as a very explosive guy, but I don't know about his boxing, but to be honest he wasn't thai boxer or kick boxer either so he must have at least 10 years experience in boxing I think.

  5. Andy Brewer

    Andy Brewer

    7 dager siden

    What do y’all think is going to happen in the fight? TW not throwing shit forever just waiting to throw his power punch and knocking JP out? Or an all out beat down for JP?

  6. White hair

    White hair

    10 dager siden

    What's in that magick bag! No doubt some joojoo. I hope he beats Tyrone. The MMA folks gonna get even more annoyed with this kid! who they gonna send next. Haha.. I'm neither boxing nor MMA just a bewildered onlooker

  7. Kakambo Candide

    Kakambo Candide

    11 dager siden

    Jake Paul is a real fighter that's it, they have to bring profighters to try and KO him

  8. Jack Prock

    Jack Prock

    11 dager siden

    Cringe when jake tried to steal my opponents small from Floyd mayweather

  9. Immense channel

    Immense channel

    12 dager siden

    Bunch of kids man lol 😂

  10. LordKira


    12 dager siden

    tyron Woodley. can fucking talk some shit very nice I still think he'll lose but I hope I am dead wrong and Woodley sends him to the moon

  11. jimmy georgiadis

    jimmy georgiadis

    12 dager siden

    I think he watches Mctapper videos when he wakes up

  12. Darren Riley

    Darren Riley

    12 dager siden

    I stopped watching when the middle clown started talking and T called him out

  13. Richard Dunmire

    Richard Dunmire

    13 dager siden

    I can not wait until T-Wood knocks this dude out.

  14. Immmn boreddd

    Immmn boreddd

    13 dager siden

    Logan and jake will never fight somebody bigger than them

  15. Stefan Andrei

    Stefan Andrei

    13 dager siden

    This is going to be so much cooler than Logan vs Mayweather

  16. V Ling

    V Ling

    13 dager siden

    Tyron please knock this little NOnet punk out. Don't hold back

  17. Jack Baker

    Jack Baker

    13 dager siden

    Bruh your ham bag is in the way.

  18. Cooter McGavin

    Cooter McGavin

    13 dager siden

    There are way too many ppl like Jake Paul in this world. Glad I'm dying soon

  19. Reaching for the STARS

    Reaching for the STARS

    13 dager siden

    Woodley is gonna murk this bum!!!!!!

  20. steve mears

    steve mears

    14 dager siden

    Jake is so cringe

  21. Buddy Pal

    Buddy Pal

    14 dager siden

    Jake pauls claims hes 6’1 - 6-2 yet hes almost same height as woodley whos 5’9

  22. JJDBaca


    14 dager siden

    I hope he Woodley makes Joke Paul bleed. "If you win, I'll double your Mickey Mouse purse"

  23. AKA Compilation

    AKA Compilation

    14 dager siden

    Jake Paul will get rocked

  24. sean daly

    sean daly

    14 dager siden

    Just spotted the MAN BAG !! FUCK ME !!

  25. fpv cruise

    fpv cruise

    14 dager siden

    Can't help but dislike these Paul bros... Get em gone

  26. Prime time

    Prime time

    14 dager siden


  27. kg


    14 dager siden

    Also how fucking hot is it in this place? I thought Jake Paul was just sweating because of the coke but Tyron is sweating too lmao

  28. kg


    14 dager siden

    I had no idea this is what people meant by "White Boy Summer" but here we go I guess

  29. Christina Taylor

    Christina Taylor

    14 dager siden

    Lost 4 fights? Jake hasn't even been in 4 fights. What a complete joke lol

  30. Essential Man

    Essential Man

    14 dager siden

    "Home made, bitch made!" .. 😂 Twood is the man. All he came at Paul with was facts. All Paul could talk about is childish projections. This match up, the only logic is watching Paul, tip over like a domino.

  31. Paul Ciamaricone

    Paul Ciamaricone

    14 dager siden

    I love how Dave just stands there

  32. ks wayz

    ks wayz

    14 dager siden

    I wish jack paul bit up badly 🤧

  33. Riku Häkli

    Riku Häkli

    14 dager siden

    4:09 conor mcgregor wannabe

  34. Shroom Grizzley

    Shroom Grizzley

    14 dager siden

    tyron cant win unfortunately

  35. TheTylamo


    14 dager siden

    How the fuck did Portnoy get involved??? I fucking love it 😂😂😂

  36. TeAze1020


    14 dager siden

    Be funny if he ko woodley just like Ben askren 😆

  37. Midgeon Mac

    Midgeon Mac

    14 dager siden

    the color of the ALI photo i thought it was the colonel!

  38. chazly30


    15 dager siden

    I bet Jake's fan boy Snoop ain't betting on him for this fight.

  39. J****_F*****


    15 dager siden

    Was Portnoy standing on his tip toes ?

  40. Anthony Hayes

    Anthony Hayes

    15 dager siden

    Jake is deep in the woodley

  41. Spidey


    15 dager siden

    One fight everyone knows the rules

  42. Honest Lee

    Honest Lee

    15 dager siden

    LOL the guy facing them off looks so funny ahahah looks like hes on coke. I'm mostly just teasing but it looks so funny , like he was just forced to do this xD

  43. Chad Evans

    Chad Evans

    15 dager siden

    Those brothers are corny, do mma and see how good you two idiots do

  44. Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson

    15 dager siden

    Such a shambles , they didn’t even turn the fucking bell off in the gym 🤦🏻‍♂️

  45. Tom Knibbs

    Tom Knibbs

    15 dager siden

    Everyone check out the woodley vs koscheck finish, I hope tyron does the same this time round.

  46. ohhroach


    15 dager siden


  47. SMG


    15 dager siden

    Woodley lost 4 in a row to the best in the world. Jake Paul has a boxing record of 3-0 but hasn’t fought 1 boxer yet 😂 as a lover of boxing and MMA I never wish any harm on any fighter but I hope Woodley goes in and beats the dog shit out of this guy. I hope when he wakes up he realises he never wants to pull on a pair of gloves again or if he does he does it with some humility.

  48. PokeNoob


    15 dager siden

    You’re gonna fake a hymen injury

  49. PokeNoob


    15 dager siden

    Disney Gucci collab 😂 Jake you so corny bud

  50. Kuhnin 816

    Kuhnin 816

    15 dager siden

    What a weird video. Former UFC welterweight champion talking shit to some guy my 10 year old says is famous. While the pizza review guy I like to watch stands in the back. What a time to be alive.

  51. George Cloud

    George Cloud

    15 dager siden

    Jake Paul - Such a Connor McGregor wanna be

  52. Anton Razzouk

    Anton Razzouk

    15 dager siden

    4:12 wtf is up with Jake’s emote, it never stops being cringy asf

  53. Junior Silivaai

    Junior Silivaai

    15 dager siden

    Jake Paul is such a Connor try hard hahahahaha

  54. Sifiso Somnandi Ndwandwe

    Sifiso Somnandi Ndwandwe

    15 dager siden

    I feel bad for this jake guy

  55. Crabbit Dave

    Crabbit Dave

    15 dager siden

    Maybe just maybe, one day Jake will grow a set and step in a cage and have an MMA FIGHT with an MMA FIGHTER! instead of a boxing match 😒 until then, nobody is buying this "I'm not afraid of anyone" gimmick.

  56. Mash A

    Mash A

    15 dager siden

    Tyron for first round KO! Can it be done, definitely!

  57. Kidane Tower

    Kidane Tower

    15 dager siden

    Tyron is going to kill him. What was jake thinking. His over hand right isn’t going to enough.

  58. Royal


    15 dager siden

    Tyron acting the way Jake does completely blew Jakes mind 😂😂😂 he can’t handle when someone talks actual shit to him

  59. Амыр Барmо Лӏыӏужъу

    Амыр Барmо Лӏыӏужъу

    15 dager siden

    Tyrone is either in it for the money (of course he is), or not confident enough that he'll beat Jake, thr fact that he sang as if he didn't hear Jake's bet made me think so.

  60. KingStu1988


    15 dager siden

    Love T Wood, hate this circus.

  61. Chris Jackson

    Chris Jackson

    15 dager siden


  62. Joseph Hitchin

    Joseph Hitchin

    15 dager siden

    He such a Connor McGregor wannabe !!!



    15 dager siden

    tom green is looking well

  64. Triple Four

    Triple Four

    15 dager siden

    Woodley : Got ya purse!

  65. Brannigan Joiner

    Brannigan Joiner

    15 dager siden

    Can't wait until Jake paul gets dropped. I'm about to follow Tyrone Woodley on everything

  66. David Bestford

    David Bestford

    15 dager siden

    Let’s go Twood end the hype train

  67. C W

    C W

    15 dager siden

    Grown men wearing purses in 2021....wonder y this generation is soft😄

  68. Trevor Lee

    Trevor Lee

    15 dager siden

    Jake is getting better at this.

  69. Cenk Toplar

    Cenk Toplar

    15 dager siden

    Mark my words. This Logan guy will TKO Woodley FOR SURE. So many MMA guys thinks Boxing is no different. I have 44 Elite Amateur boxing fights including AIBA too also MMA fights. In MMA only guys like Conor and Cody have that Boxing IQ. None of the rest have any Boxing IQ or condition. I see this youtube guy putting REAL EFFORTS on Boxing. When somebody do that the last thing you wanna do is talking about your MMA stuff. Its like one is Formula 1 driver and the other one is Dakar driver claiming that he can win in Formula one.

  70. kenalawalsel


    15 dager siden

    So this is the post covid world aye. Idk what's more bizarre, reading dystopian novels in highschool or watching this in 2021.



    15 dager siden

    T Wood should have an onteurage too ........ even things up a bit

  72. Josh Taylor

    Josh Taylor

    15 dager siden


  73. OP-SEC10


    15 dager siden

    Gucci Disney bag? WTF? 🤡 world. “Men” carrying Gucci purses, squaring off for a fight. What in the hell is happening?

  74. Matt X.

    Matt X.

    15 dager siden

    "you gon fake a hymen injury" has me fucking weak. lmao he didn't even son him, he daughtered him

  75. Graham M

    Graham M

    15 dager siden

    Lets go Tyron! u got this

  76. Manny Ballin

    Manny Ballin

    15 dager siden

    A Disney purse it’s because Jake Paul has not grown up yet. Paul with some weak ass come backs from , Tyron made him look like a fool. LMAO 🤣😂🤣😅

  77. sircharlescv


    15 dager siden

    Jake will knock Tyron out. FACT. I get it, the guy isn't that likeable, but he can box.

  78. 76 76

    76 76

    15 dager siden

    For some reason with all the hate j have for jake paul, i kinda want him to win this fight

  79. Jacob McQueen

    Jacob McQueen

    15 dager siden

    Tyron getting tkotfo. Then the Connor fight is on the table.

  80. Jim Vincent

    Jim Vincent

    15 dager siden

    Mickey Mouse Murse

  81. Mf Maine

    Mf Maine

    15 dager siden

    Tyron...put that money up, don't look like a chump. Well you already look bad.. And a disney white boi called u a bitch to you face. Put da bag up...I can't bet with you, if you scared!

  82. OCR Prime

    OCR Prime

    15 dager siden

    It’s interesting how Jake fights 40+ year old retired mma fighters….. but no boxers in their prime. He’s a joke but you can’t hate on his hustle….

  83. samuraioodon


    15 dager siden

    I really really hope the NOnetr gets slept.

  84. vhs quality

    vhs quality

    15 dager siden

    I hope T-wood doesn't take a dive, I heard he is having money trouble

  85. JCG JCG


    15 dager siden

    Geeze man i don't know who's going to take it i kind of want Tyrone to just because before he started driving his RACE Car...d around i use to like Woodley and I've never liked Jake Paul.

  86. Dan H

    Dan H

    15 dager siden

    the fuck is that mickey mouse bag.

  87. Blade Bleezy

    Blade Bleezy

    15 dager siden

    Jake Paul is so corny he' acts like he's a 11 year old. from school. His punch lines are corny. Take the boxing gloves off and getting that cage and talk all that hot noise

  88. Bruce Lee 2.0

    Bruce Lee 2.0

    15 dager siden

    Conor McGregor wannabe🤪

  89. The guy

    The guy

    15 dager siden

    Woodlys new song: i,ll beat your ass i,ll beat your ass i,ll beat your ass

  90. Ufc highlight edits

    Ufc highlight edits

    15 dager siden

    I see stiffness in the man purse division.

  91. Cjay 666

    Cjay 666

    15 dager siden

    This is wicked fuckin cringy that kid is a mcgregor wanna be

  92. slayerBO2EPC


    15 dager siden

    I wish Tyron would KO the NOnetr, but if he faces the unmotivated Woodley who showed up in the last 2 fights I'm not surprised if he lost like Ben did, but the guy is smart fighting washed up fighters with no fight left in them

  93. Sheldon Tichkowsky

    Sheldon Tichkowsky

    15 dager siden

    Jake looks like he wore PJs and a purse for this stand off.

  94. sladey bmx

    sladey bmx

    15 dager siden

    I've seen more intense face offs at the school canteen

  95. kindertoten zombies

    kindertoten zombies

    15 dager siden

    Jakes going to win he done paid him off..

  96. Michael Kelly

    Michael Kelly

    15 dager siden

    I'm fully behind woodley, but jakes doing a good job making cash out of boxing, and hes now fighting better people than the bums actual boxers fight at start of career

  97. Pree D

    Pree D

    15 dager siden

    Same thing is going to happen as in the Ben fight. Lots of hype, two guys get paid waaaaaaaay more than their skill level (boxing) deserves, and Jake the Dip sh*t Paul gets more famous for being a douchebag, butttttt still wins because Woodley hasn't had the proper boxing training long enough.

  98. akeme rofako

    akeme rofako

    15 dager siden

    Jake Paul is just too fast and strong for anybody not named Tyson to beat him. He is going to knock out mewether easily.

  99. Caleb Gellatly

    Caleb Gellatly

    15 dager siden

    Jake actually is getting kinda good at talking shit

  100. Last_ Gasp21

    Last_ Gasp21

    15 dager siden

    Let’s face it. Remove boxing. Tyrone would utterly kill Jake Paul.

    • __________________________________________________


      15 dager siden

      That's why he ain't fighting in mma