Logan Paul gives speech while jumping rope: "Where were you when Logan Paul beat Floyd Mayweather?"

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  1. Foggiest Mite

    Foggiest Mite

    14 dager siden

    You can jump rope but that dont make you a boxer lol

  2. W. Adams

    W. Adams

    14 dager siden

    Where were you, when the sport sold out and the privilege to challenge the best went from being earned through hard work to being sold to the highest bidder?

    • Hamza Hussain

      Hamza Hussain

      11 dager siden

      Where were you when logan knocked out floyd lmao

  3. casey brune

    casey brune

    15 dager siden

    Look... I like Logan and hope he beats floyd. I don't dislike floyd, but it would be cool to see this young man shock the world.

  4. M P

    M P

    15 dager siden

    Chicken legs 🐓

  5. Jared Bogart

    Jared Bogart

    16 dager siden

    Punchers Chance

  6. Biff


    16 dager siden

    He unlike his brother seems like he wants to do everything but fight lmao

  7. Hecka Nice

    Hecka Nice

    16 dager siden

    Are you not entertained?

  8. Breadking100


    16 dager siden

    ah the jump rope. the nun-chucks of the boxer.

  9. Mondar Daman

    Mondar Daman

    16 dager siden

    Isnt he fighting at a much higher weight than 44 year old floyd 😂😂

  10. greenbeanman


    16 dager siden

    i was watching anime

  11. eser comak

    eser comak

    16 dager siden

    it is much easier to jump rope in a boxing ring. it is much more bouncy

  12. Jay Saint

    Jay Saint

    16 dager siden

    Definition of a cheap local convenience store imitation.

  13. Monumental TV

    Monumental TV

    16 dager siden

    so judging by that wrist brace Logan going into the fight with a hurt left wrist not good going against TBE

  14. Jay Gray

    Jay Gray

    16 dager siden

    The build up has actually got me interested in this fight

  15. X swat

    X swat

    16 dager siden

    I want him to win just because it would be a crazy story line. If Floyd wins no one will care and I'll be forgotten in a year. If Paul wins it'll shake everything up and make some of these crazy fights more common for years to come. Just imagine if the greatest boxer on the past 20 years was beaten by a NOnetr with one amateur fight as his experience. Considering Floyd spanked Canelo when they fought years ago, imagine if they tried to get Paul a title fight with a win. Granted I think he will get dominated and I don't like the guy but it's fun to imagine.

  16. The Keepers

    The Keepers

    16 dager siden

    Man that merch is looking basic as fuck lol , he was like shit when need to bullshit a sports wear brand , "just name it what ever and add athletics to the end of it " .

  17. Виктор Евденков

    Виктор Евденков

    17 dager siden

    Ermm.. Taking a note how this year has started with Conor getting TKOd and other good fighters getting beaten... This might end the same way.. But i doubt it MW will kill him!

  18. Andrew Kline

    Andrew Kline

    17 dager siden

    Such a joke

  19. GhastlyCretin85


    17 dager siden

    This Ali impression is rather poor.

  20. Rujewitblood


    17 dager siden

    Guy is so much bigger and Floyd is so old, I just can't see it being impressive even if he did catch Floyd. It's like if Derrick Lewis caught a kimura on Ryan hall, or just wrapped his foot and pulled as hard as he can

  21. Lemmewinks Wikileaks

    Lemmewinks Wikileaks

    17 dager siden

    lol imagine this clown wins?! Hahaha it would be the icing on top of the weirdest year ever

  22. Robertas Gar

    Robertas Gar

    17 dager siden

    He's not beating Floyd he didn't even beat KSI... Jake is wayyy better boxer, but I think Tyron will KO him. Paul era soon to be over bois.

  23. Candies in Basement

    Candies in Basement

    17 dager siden

    Now that we know there will be no winner, what's the point of this circus?

  24. Street Catkit

    Street Catkit

    17 dager siden


  25. l-i-h


    17 dager siden

    You have to believe in yourself that's inot way to go into a fight really. As much as his self belief comes across just as borderline insane I think it would be very bad to go into a boxing ring thinking you will lose.

  26. siddhartha bhattacharya

    siddhartha bhattacharya

    17 dager siden

    the guy wearing the white tracks wondering if only i could jump rope like that

  27. Luis Munro

    Luis Munro

    17 dager siden

    How can you beat him, when your in a exhibition fight where there’s no winner.

  28. Kane Fanning

    Kane Fanning

    17 dager siden

    Proves work was put in tho

  29. Denden Anamwota

    Denden Anamwota

    17 dager siden

    I just wanna see tank vs Jake under the card.

  30. WILKZ OiL


    17 dager siden

    his boxing record is 0-1-1 against a fifa NOnetr, he was outta breath & could barely punch by the 3rd round, but somehow he’s gunna beat the best boxer of our generation, people r saying the size difference & the weight, let’s be real, do you really think he hits harder than canelo? Mosley? Cotto? Pacquiao? No. He doesn’t & they couldn’t KO him & he definitely doesn’t have the skill to beat floyd, I don’t care how many youtubers he fights & how many losses he acquires he’ll never be a professional boxer, he’s a NOnetr simple as that, people train hard all there lives day in day out & give there life to this sport for an opportunity like this & this laughing stock gets an opportunity boxers could only dream off, these youtubers are making a mockery of boxing all because for money, boxing isn’t a sport these days it’s a business it’s all about the money, that’s why there are so many robbery’s & padded records & the best never fight the best like back in the old times & now there are even youtubers fighting youtubers & wrestlers & basketball players & they put it on ppv & call it professional boxing, this sport is becoming more & more of a joke every year, boxing is dying & MMA is the new wave & that is coming from a boxer!

  31. Ravneet Singh

    Ravneet Singh

    17 dager siden

    I feel bad for the dude. Uk it's Mayweather he's talking about right!.. Anyways.

  32. bonke kunene

    bonke kunene

    17 dager siden

    Delusions of grandeur

    • Reo Levon (ReO JaYeLL)

      Reo Levon (ReO JaYeLL)

      16 dager siden

      Anthony Cumia line? If so, I like it. :)

  33. Land Deals

    Land Deals

    17 dager siden

    He needs to rain over hand rights hit something maybe

  34. Land Deals

    Land Deals

    17 dager siden

    90% floyd beats 100% logan

  35. Monkey Movies

    Monkey Movies

    17 dager siden

    He did good with the rope. Too bad he's fighting a boxer. The boxer.

  36. Ashik


    17 dager siden

    I wanna see people get upset Logan does the impossible

  37. Cheryll Hamilton

    Cheryll Hamilton

    17 dager siden

    I have NEVER liked Floyd. So #TeamLogan it is.

  38. Miggy Nav

    Miggy Nav

    17 dager siden

    In another dimension.

  39. Imran Khan

    Imran Khan

    17 dager siden

    This bozo couldn’t beat that youtuber from London omg boxing is a joke because of people like him

  40. cool boy

    cool boy

    17 dager siden

    Wow he can do along jump rope

  41. Frederick Birchmeier Jr

    Frederick Birchmeier Jr

    17 dager siden

    54 doubles in the last 30 seconds👏🏼

    • Monkey Movies

      Monkey Movies

      17 dager siden

      Would be great if that was the contest.

  42. Cassy Okuda

    Cassy Okuda

    17 dager siden


  43. Cassy Okuda

    Cassy Okuda

    17 dager siden

    i was sleeping, cause it was just a dream

  44. Cesur Ertekin

    Cesur Ertekin

    17 dager siden

    What jump rope is he using?

  45. N G

    N G

    17 dager siden

    Makes no sense! The fight rules have been announced and there’s no winner 😂😂

  46. SincereDoper


    17 dager siden

    if it somehow shifts last second into a rope jumping competition floyd is fucked... if it stays boxing logan is going to get KO'd.

  47. blahblahblah


    17 dager siden

    People here saying 10 mins of rope is hard....have you ever been to a gym before. This is a warmup in almost every gym.

  48. Briann


    17 dager siden

    Isnt there no official winner on the logan and mayweather fight?

  49. Sean Sullivan

    Sean Sullivan

    17 dager siden

    Jake would have messed up on the rope about 57 times.

  50. SebaCod Py

    SebaCod Py

    17 dager siden

    Broooo its a no offcial winner , no knockout no nothuing . only exhibition

  51. egyptian art

    egyptian art

    17 dager siden

    Logan Paul: “where were you when Logan Paul beat mayweather?” Everybody: “watching the fight that I paid for with my hard earned money” *moments later* ..... Everybody: *wakes up from your dream*



    17 dager siden

    that's impressive

  53. opensource76


    17 dager siden

    Can't beat anyone when the rules says no winner, lol

  54. Ralph Hamme

    Ralph Hamme

    17 dager siden

    If you miss you will pay.now speed the rope up more

  55. Lord Narasimha

    Lord Narasimha

    17 dager siden

    Remember, the question isn’t whether or not Logan beats Floyd. The question is whether or not Logan is good enough on top of his ridiculous size advantage, to stick to a winning gameplan. That being said, I think it’ll waaaay more competitive than ppl think. Floyd is so much smaller that he can’t afford to carry him.

  56. InsaneFameNYC


    17 dager siden

    Doesn't this douche remember that's how Rocky 3 lost?

  57. Doge4Life


    17 dager siden

    He couldn’t beat KSI how the fook is he going to beat Floyd 🤣

  58. Doge4Life


    17 dager siden

    If this guy wins il stop watching boxing for ever

  59. Rob Nolan

    Rob Nolan

    17 dager siden

    Logan does always the same mistakes .. the guy coming in jacked and ripped like he is about to compete for mr Olympia but this is boxing ..

  60. ron mac

    ron mac

    17 dager siden

    Looks like he spent more time learning how to skip rope then boxing.

  61. Hahahah


    17 dager siden

    Don’t know if people understand how big of a W Logan has taken and besides the fact that he is fighting the biggest fighter of all time, he is now in conversations about fighting McGregor etc. And Logan is likeable, unlike Jake.

  62. bruceleemuhammadali


    17 dager siden


  63. Fun-Filled Entertainment TV

    Fun-Filled Entertainment TV

    17 dager siden

    Were was I sleeping cause that's the only way you can beat Mayweather in my dreams....

  64. Joe G

    Joe G

    17 dager siden

    Floyd would even dominate him in jump rope skills

  65. Enlightened Turtle

    Enlightened Turtle

    17 dager siden

    He slow but he stronger, taller and got longer legs and reach.. you never know.

  66. PriceLife


    17 dager siden

    Ehh wouldn’t care if this kid won. Floyd’s a goat but is now an old man. And this douche nozzle is insanely cringe I can’t finish the video.

  67. Doom Slayer

    Doom Slayer

    17 dager siden

    All the fools dissing him here will jump bandwagons as soon he wins, you all shall see 😅

    • Monkey Movies

      Monkey Movies

      17 dager siden

      Yeah, real fool that'll pick a boxer and not a youtuber. We'll see.

  68. David Villarreal

    David Villarreal

    17 dager siden

    How are people supposed to buy this after he’s already lost to KSI haha

  69. Gavin Vail

    Gavin Vail

    17 dager siden

    I wonder much Logan was offered to throw the fight?

  70. Mike Strappelli

    Mike Strappelli

    17 dager siden

    LOL, took a Conor line...of course he did.

  71. Fin Hor

    Fin Hor

    17 dager siden

    Made that look easy.One fit Motha...

  72. Caroline Bell

    Caroline Bell

    17 dager siden

    You can tell Logan hung out with the girls while at school....... playing ropes, elastics & hop scotch 💯🙈

  73. yo2008nick


    17 dager siden

    nonet.info/glo/video/mqSGfImMgLeCtYc i mean check the diference with Floyd! no comparison

  74. l3on1717


    17 dager siden

    What jumprope does he use

  75. SulaimAn ShAh DurrAni

    SulaimAn ShAh DurrAni

    17 dager siden

    u fighting floyd on second opponent for your career is a WIN any way brooo .. . just imagine after ksi and then fighting the best fighter in the boxing community is damn crazzy

  76. Weirdstud abe

    Weirdstud abe

    17 dager siden

    Camera ppl and reporters know he’s going to lose

  77. ellomate


    17 dager siden

    He lost to a pro gamer..... c'mon



      17 dager siden

      who? coz ksi isnt pro in any game ...

  78. Benjamin Fajardo

    Benjamin Fajardo

    17 dager siden

    It doesn’t go on his record.. why talk like it’s a real fight

  79. gsltbjoe929


    17 dager siden


  80. CJ


    17 dager siden

    They're not having judges or announcing a winner... they only losers in this event will be the people who pay for it.

  81. Fightfan2321


    17 dager siden

    Ngl im impressed he could keep the rythm and concentration to answer the questions without getting winded. His pad work didn’t look very clean to me, but it’s a big stage I imagine nerves get in the way in the open workout on a stage like this

  82. Sith NSY

    Sith NSY

    17 dager siden

    I know he won’t win but I’d just love to see Logan beat floyd lmfao

  83. Luke Hatten

    Luke Hatten

    17 dager siden

    Logan is getting stopped with a body shot.

  84. Boo


    17 dager siden

    small chicken legs

  85. perry mills

    perry mills

    17 dager siden

    Man can skip

  86. Amanda Lee

    Amanda Lee

    17 dager siden

    U ain’t beatin Floyd ……..

  87. Louis Lopez

    Louis Lopez

    17 dager siden

    Where was I when Logan Paul beat Floyd? shit in an alternate universe obviously cause it ain't gona happen Confidence is good but don't give yourself false hope

  88. ButtSaladNinja Official

    ButtSaladNinja Official

    17 dager siden

    I was sent from the year 2033 and Logan gets kod on the 5th round

  89. Demez Alvarez

    Demez Alvarez

    17 dager siden

    What a joke



    17 dager siden

    It’s clear someone has been skipping leg day” Paul will get knock out “mark my words” he has no power or skill to deal with floyd, as much as I think Mayweather is over Rated, Paul lost a fight to a NOnetr, just imagine what a professional boxer would do.

  91. Snoopdave2000


    17 dager siden

    He may not be able to box, and only has a loss on his record, but he can sure skip well 😂

    • Tyler Gibson

      Tyler Gibson

      15 dager siden

      Actually his skipping is very basic/ beginner level

  92. Roberto Cortez

    Roberto Cortez

    17 dager siden

    Ben askren was doing this Too before the Jake fight. I still don't get why Logan is the one fighting Floyd his lil brother is the one with the skill

  93. En iyi tiktok videoları cemre ceren özgür cellat

    En iyi tiktok videoları cemre ceren özgür cellat

    17 dager siden

    can you put on english subtitles please

  94. jovan marinovic

    jovan marinovic

    17 dager siden

    When i realised there was not gonna be a winner ,no judges and sure there is knock out and 12 oz gloves which is so shit

  95. The People Brothers

    The People Brothers

    17 dager siden


  96. AMS Moments

    AMS Moments

    17 dager siden

    Logan's 6 inches taller and weighs way more than Mayweather. One punch and Mayweather's gonna feel something different.

    • MyFirstName MyLastName

      MyFirstName MyLastName

      17 dager siden

      I don’t know if he’ll be able to catch Floyd with a clean punch

  97. Fantasy-awaits101


    17 dager siden

    Anything is possible in life never doubt. I believe in Logan and this is a message to all the haters!

  98. otoolex


    17 dager siden

    Corniest shit I’ve ever seen

  99. Daher Jama

    Daher Jama

    17 dager siden

    Logan injured his left hand

  100. The man with no name

    The man with no name

    17 dager siden

    He is gonna do EXACTLY what Canelo did vs Mayweather, only faster and way less skill.