Logan Paul: “I love Conor McGregor. First Floyd Mayweather, then McGregor. One legend at a time.”

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  1. Thic Stic

    Thic Stic

    11 dager siden

    Logan you beat the record for hugs landed during a fight 😅

  2. Martian Manhattan

    Martian Manhattan

    12 dager siden

    Conor smart, Gave no Fs, after Jake called him out, Talked shot about his Girl, After his friend Dillon was attacked, And this. He knows business for sure, he knows talkin bout these cockroaches would give them a mega clout

  3. Stoic Roman

    Stoic Roman

    12 dager siden

    Dude fight someone your own size for fuck sake.

  4. Pete Olivarez

    Pete Olivarez

    12 dager siden

    Logan Paul vs. Jiri prochazka

  5. brent bates

    brent bates

    13 dager siden

    Conor vs Floyd was a real fight. This is a legit circus. And the 'fight' showed. And 'reality is reality' just like this Paul idiot pretended to be color blind to make money. Like a loser. PBA for the day

  6. The Life and Times of Alfredo Darling

    The Life and Times of Alfredo Darling

    13 dager siden

    Fight somebody your own size, damn.

  7. Chester Copperpot the second

    Chester Copperpot the second

    13 dager siden

    Logan isn’t as much of a shit talker as his brother. He gives credit when it’s due, for the most part. Jake just trashes everyone regardless of records, accomplishments, legacy, or any of that. A good fighter will at least acknowledge greatness, Jake is just a troll at this point. A troll chasing a check.

  8. Neeko No Name

    Neeko No Name

    14 dager siden

    2drips playing boxers it will all be over soon can’t wait for then. Calling out old fighters go fight primo prime fighters you bum bsndits

  9. Marcus Allen

    Marcus Allen

    14 dager siden

    Well at least I don't hear "Lets go Champ"

  10. Sam Holly

    Sam Holly

    14 dager siden

    Don’t dream before the fight you’ll have plenty of time to dream during the fight 100%

  11. Neo


    15 dager siden

    Respect for training and stepping in there. But its embarrasing that boxing has fallen so far that a youtuber is boxing a world champ veteran with 30+ years experience.

  12. Frank de Groot

    Frank de Groot

    15 dager siden

    Slow and stiff

  13. Dylan V

    Dylan V

    15 dager siden

    Dude really tryna go 0-4

  14. K M

    K M

    15 dager siden

    At least this guy is not delusional like his idiotic brother

  15. Christoph James

    Christoph James

    15 dager siden

    its weird to see someone even shadow box wrong

  16. Always Keen

    Always Keen

    15 dager siden

    This is so stupid . This guy can't even shadow box well. Why is this happening?

  17. D c

    D c

    15 dager siden

    he cant even shadow box properly ffs...

  18. Smoke_memes 123

    Smoke_memes 123

    15 dager siden

    He calls them legends then he loses respect from those legends

  19. robertg305


    15 dager siden

    That's a lot of media

  20. BradLake77 Youtube

    BradLake77 Youtube

    15 dager siden

    OK here the rules. Dont touch your opponent ever, what ever happens there will be No winner, If you knock Out your opponent you loose everything including your first born child...

  21. YNWA 96

    YNWA 96

    15 dager siden

    He ain't good good enough to polish the Notorious ones shoes

  22. Red Knight

    Red Knight

    16 dager siden

    Seems a likeable character

  23. Sami Omer

    Sami Omer

    16 dager siden

    Who is this shit?? who asked him???

  24. Teddy bundy Bundy

    Teddy bundy Bundy

    16 dager siden

    I'm starting to think the Paul's have the same mental condition as charlie zelenoff.

  25. james Honeysett

    james Honeysett

    16 dager siden

    Floyd is going to make an absolute mockery of this joker. Hes going to dance around logan making him look slow and stupid, picking shots off to the body for the first few rounds before pouring it on a tired logan in the later making logan quit. Logans body is going to take a battering, wouldnt be suprised hes pissing blood after this.

  26. J F

    J F

    16 dager siden

    Fight someone in and around ur weight allow these 160 and lesser, fight maybe Canelo? Paulo costa in a boxing match? Beterbiev or even Anthony yarde Lindon aurther, Calum smith fuck it

  27. Dalichia Heijkoop

    Dalichia Heijkoop

    16 dager siden

    Your sucks you get punches

  28. Courtney Gillespie

    Courtney Gillespie

    16 dager siden

    Can I fight the Paul brothers at the same time?

  29. dahee1


    16 dager siden

    You have to give him credit he is brave.

  30. Ryo


    16 dager siden

    "I see stiffness in the NOnet division"

  31. The5GIO5


    16 dager siden

    He broke his wrist in the ksi fight? or before that? or after that?

  32. Adam Gordon

    Adam Gordon

    16 dager siden

    Even if he does knock Mayweather out, it’s not impressive, Mayweather is completely out of his prime, he’s way older and it’s a completely different weight class. These fuckhead brothers are handpicking opponents that make them look like they’re beating the best but they aren’t fighting anyone in their prime.

  33. Martin Saavedra

    Martin Saavedra

    16 dager siden

    Maybe logan shoukd actually win a fight first and den ask for the conor fight.

  34. Cameron Mills

    Cameron Mills

    16 dager siden

    Logan 🧃

  35. Girl Fight Talk

    Girl Fight Talk

    16 dager siden

    He's throws his punches from his waist. Terrible. I hope Floyd toys with him. Makes him suffer so that his corner has to throw in the towel. Or better yet, so that he verbally quits or doesn't answer the bell.

  36. Mryhn


    16 dager siden

    I hope Logan wins by KO if you have a point, you will know the winner

  37. blu wells

    blu wells

    16 dager siden

    Dollar says he never touches money mayweather

  38. Fee Mak

    Fee Mak

    16 dager siden

    I’ve seen buses move faster

  39. Daryl Delp

    Daryl Delp

    16 dager siden

    Yeah, you want Conor with all those boxing rules my dude

  40. Ben McReynolds

    Ben McReynolds

    16 dager siden

    I actually want to see Logan destroy Floyd. It would be awesome to see him fight MMA too, I think he has all the attributes.

  41. Holy Kafir

    Holy Kafir

    16 dager siden

    KSI probably wants Logan to win.

  42. Rob Yul

    Rob Yul

    16 dager siden

    This dude really said "yeah clip it" like he's streaming after making a prediction....L m f a o. Wolf tickets, they're selling you wolf tickets.

  43. TheRealHerbaSchmurba


    16 dager siden

    As much as I dont think Logan should be fighting Mcgregor, wouldnt it be funny if he got that fight instead of Jake? Lmao

  44. Paul Arkins

    Paul Arkins

    16 dager siden

    To be fair to him, He is approaching getting a McG fight the right way. Respectful and complimentary...

  45. DudeDad


    17 dager siden

    Both paul brothers are ducking the toughest boxer alive today Ronnie Pickering

  46. Longobardi Lounge

    Longobardi Lounge

    17 dager siden

    Come on Paul just train MMA for 6 months then fight an MMA fight. Dont be scared man,,,,you know you'll get destroyed in an MMA fight

  47. Rebeca Smith

    Rebeca Smith

    17 dager siden

    Why do they want to fight ufc fighters if he wants that so bad do a ufc fight

  48. ryiscept


    17 dager siden

    He seems so.... humble

  49. North American Trucker's TV

    North American Trucker's TV

    17 dager siden

    I never pay single $ to watch this fight. Better to watch sesame street😁

  50. H


    17 dager siden

    Many people will talk so many things, some good some bad but to have a goal to fight legends? What’s your goal? Respect ✊🏿 good luck Logan!

  51. Christopher Brown

    Christopher Brown

    17 dager siden

    He cant beat him 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  52. AP S

    AP S

    17 dager siden

    Lol that's not a fight but drama. They are not fighting in same weight class. Just want to earn millions as side hustle 😂

  53. Sjaak Afhaak

    Sjaak Afhaak

    17 dager siden


  54. T-Rex


    17 dager siden

    Man the roids in this guys system are at an all time high!

  55. docdub23


    17 dager siden

    This fella looks like a fool up there shadow boxing 🤣

  56. Yawn Renz

    Yawn Renz

    17 dager siden

    Guy couldn’t even beat ksi

  57. Bogoa Bataa

    Bogoa Bataa

    17 dager siden

    In the Octagon with Conor would be interesting because now we’ve seen Logan in the ring.

  58. Bogoa Bataa

    Bogoa Bataa

    17 dager siden

    Don’t matter if he loses, he knew how to sell his fights.

  59. Granite


    17 dager siden

    Logan: love conor love him id like to fight him too one legend at a time. Jake: fUcK u cOnr ur wIfEz a 4 I hope floyd wins but respect to logan for fighting an actual boxer and not acting like a child 👊

  60. 3093kpo Love

    3093kpo Love

    17 dager siden

    The Logans are clout chasing hard. He should box someone in his way class. He is NOT a professional boxer. I respect his clout chasing. He is putting in the work.

    • HunterWolf


      14 dager siden

      Paul Logan

  61. Tomás Gomes

    Tomás Gomes

    17 dager siden

    "One legend at the time" Who does he think he is to earn the right of being with legends on the ring?

    • Sigma_547


      13 dager siden


    • tark atawa

      tark atawa

      15 dager siden

      Someone who can sell fights

  62. Grant Corner

    Grant Corner

    17 dager siden

    This guy hasn't even won a single fight in his boxing career yet and he's talking about legends 😂

  63. Mike Mike

    Mike Mike

    17 dager siden

    When you get fights based on clout and not on talent or ranks. The sport is losing its meaning. Too many money grab fights.

  64. Raouf Zanati

    Raouf Zanati

    17 dager siden

    I hope he wins, it will be fucked up shit😂

  65. The_British_loony BRITISH_LOONY

    The_British_loony BRITISH_LOONY

    17 dager siden

    I like Logan but he's going to get smashed be funny if Mayweather layed him out in the first minute

  66. Vinz Vega

    Vinz Vega

    17 dager siden

    dude, what is his record, what is that shit show.. just look at 0:31 wtf is going on here. im done

  67. Expert


    17 dager siden

    Yeah just done the math for probability of Logan winning and it's 3%

    • Dan Breen

      Dan Breen

      16 dager siden

      @Expert he has zero chance.im sick of people saying this shit.it is impossible.

    • Expert


      16 dager siden

      @Dan Breen ye but the chances he somehow lands that one lucky punch or Floyd's knee buckles or some shit like that. This giving him the benefit of the doubt. his actual chances are like maybe 1% or 0.1% skillwise

    • Dan Breen

      Dan Breen

      17 dager siden

      I give it more like 0.000001.

  68. MysticNate


    17 dager siden

    The guy that never lost *VS* The guy that never won.

  69. James Ryan Magic

    James Ryan Magic

    17 dager siden

    I actually have grown to like Logan. Jake is a pain to watch. But I feel Logan has matured allot and is a genuine dude. The chances of him winning are obviously hugely against him but I would love to see him do it tbh. He's a big guy if he can keep getting floyd in the clinch and land heavy from there he would have a chance. Odds are against him big time but there's always a punchers chance

  70. The SuperBike Tour

    The SuperBike Tour

    17 dager siden

    I can see Logan going into WWF next. The new Hulk Hogan.

  71. The SuperBike Tour

    The SuperBike Tour

    17 dager siden

    Not beaten anyone but wants the 2 ex top people in the sport. Will be running against Linford Christie next.

  72. Gaetano Semenzato

    Gaetano Semenzato

    17 dager siden

    He wil fake a nockout

  73. Mark Dalonos

    Mark Dalonos

    17 dager siden

    Talking about this fight is a major disrespect to boxing.

  74. The wrong stuff 420

    The wrong stuff 420

    17 dager siden

    Logan is jacked

  75. Dante Marotta

    Dante Marotta

    17 dager siden

    I know brothers he and Jake can fight ...The Klitschko brothers

  76. ZafoolTV


    17 dager siden

    his shadow boxing isn't very promising

  77. oni


    17 dager siden

    Whats up with these guys calling guys 50 lbs less than them out



    17 dager siden

    Like jake paul said to tommy fury Logan "you're not on his level'!

  79. Mike Dryson

    Mike Dryson

    17 dager siden

    He has all these plans and a list of fighters he thinks he is gonna beat. Come on man, you will get potentially dropped in the first round

  80. Khalid Born aparte

    Khalid Born aparte

    17 dager siden

    Logan has 0.000000000000000000000000000000001 percent chance of winning this fight

  81. Khalid Born aparte

    Khalid Born aparte

    17 dager siden

    Mcgregor is the one who started all of this jumping from sport to sport and from weight class to weight class. In the history of UFC there was never a champ champ all of a sudden now there are 3 total champs champs after mcgregor. He started the whiskey thing and then you have masvidal copying him. He started the fitness thing with mcgregor fast, then khabib copied him and created his own fitness app. You even have adult men who are professional fighters copying his lines lol

    • Rob B

      Rob B

      16 dager siden

      Well,people can learn from him a lot actually,when it comes to marketing and stuff

  82. Sanju Tamang

    Sanju Tamang

    17 dager siden

    best combat coverage channel

  83. S D

    S D

    17 dager siden

    Does this annoy boxing coaches? I understand whatever gets new blood into the sport is great, but surely the attitude of entitlement needs to be slapped out of these kids that join because of this kind of spectacle

  84. Pete H

    Pete H

    17 dager siden

    Holy shit his hand speed is abysmal! Lifting to many heavy weights? Or maybe he's punking us. Floyd is gonna pummel him! And I m okay with that. I always like to see skill and speed beat size and strength.

  85. Sonya Mamford

    Sonya Mamford

    17 dager siden

    this guy needs octagon

  86. Brad Cupitt

    Brad Cupitt

    17 dager siden

    Can’t this guy fight someone his own weight and size? Take on isreal adysanya or Robert Whittaker...Dudes a fucking joke man

  87. Steve D

    Steve D

    17 dager siden

    0-2 this is a joke

  88. C Dinger

    C Dinger

    17 dager siden

    And you think cowboy was finished early.

  89. C. T

    C. T

    17 dager siden

    Am i the only one wishes these dudes end up murked in the ring? Or atleast left cabbages

  90. Alden chin

    Alden chin

    17 dager siden

    Go inside the cage and fight

  91. Sarvesh Pathak

    Sarvesh Pathak

    17 dager siden

    I wish there was a cringe button on NOnet..

  92. 808FBI


    17 dager siden

    Fight Conor in the octagon

  93. Kevin Murchie

    Kevin Murchie

    17 dager siden

    This isnt a publicity stunt..is this guy serious? I could beat the crap outta this numskull..he looks like that drunk guy at the bar when the lites come on and its all the drunk guys who couldnt score a women so try and fight someone way of suckerpunching a guy whose backs turned..and still gets beat too fuck..mayweather will knock what sense if any thats left right outta this idiot.. MMA is dangerously starting too get up too WWF . Whats next dana have hulk hogan figbt someone.

  94. InTheCircle


    17 dager siden

    What's this little girl talking about?

  95. Resun Richard

    Resun Richard

    17 dager siden

    Funny how slow

  96. Spizz  High

    Spizz High

    17 dager siden

    He has respect love this shit

  97. BadMon Tingz

    BadMon Tingz

    17 dager siden

    I’m dealing with embarrassment for clicking on this video; I’m dealing with second hand embarrassment for u reading my comment n watching the video also

  98. Sheamus Cherubntug

    Sheamus Cherubntug

    17 dager siden

    Deluded !

  99. Cromdaleblvd


    17 dager siden


  100. Cromdaleblvd


    17 dager siden

    conor mcgregor is wahed up....looked like HE was stuck in the mud his last fight against porier