Logan Paul open to MMA fight after Floyd Mayweather: “I’m a grappler at heart" | Post Presser

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  1. Roberto Montanelli

    Roberto Montanelli

    7 dager siden

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  2. Sir Richmore

    Sir Richmore

    8 dager siden

    Dont come near MMA. You can ruin boxing with all that youtube shit but not MMA. Thank god Dana doesnt like this youtube stuff.

  3. aryan asgar

    aryan asgar

    10 dager siden

    This guy won

  4. Special Puri

    Special Puri

    10 dager siden

    He could be the next Khabib

  5. Arie Acosta

    Arie Acosta

    10 dager siden

    Let’s do Logan Paul vs Yoel Romero

  6. Kamon Meadows

    Kamon Meadows

    11 dager siden

    I'll box logan

  7. OffroadArmbar


    11 dager siden

    Logan > Jake

  8. Marko


    11 dager siden

    Disney star Logan Paul just killed boxing......time to watch MMA

  9. Mortifer713


    11 dager siden

    Floyd did dictate the fight and did beat his ass though lol.

  10. Mike


    11 dager siden

    If Logan keeps his brother out of his shit he will be all right.

  11. rudysalas6


    11 dager siden

    We are living The Hunger Games life with all this bullshit going on.

  12. Max Moore

    Max Moore

    11 dager siden

    Dude has horrible cardio. Stay away from MMA. It was crazy cuz he got to cuddle Mayweather. I also felt like Mayweather let him live. So much felt rehearsed Mind you this Mayweather at 5'8 155 abd Logan at 189.5 at 6'2. Still got smashed. There were times after Logan pulling wrestling shit that Mayweather started doing it to him

    • Leonardo Rodriguez

      Leonardo Rodriguez

      10 dager siden

      Mc Gregor gassed out after 5 rounds with Mayweather too what’s your point?

  13. Trent Denzel

    Trent Denzel

    11 dager siden

    What has this world come to.

  14. Chintastic24


    11 dager siden

    But Floyd did dictate everything?

  15. J K

    J K

    11 dager siden

    He should fight boxers in mma

  16. James Ray

    James Ray

    11 dager siden

    1 minute in and this kid is already more well spoken and humble than his douchebag brother

  17. Patrick Kelly

    Patrick Kelly

    11 dager siden


  18. Patrick Kelly

    Patrick Kelly

    11 dager siden

    Prize fights “what a joke “ go 5 rounds with someone like Andre ward or kovalev someone the same size

  19. Trevor Risner

    Trevor Risner

    11 dager siden

    Oh your a wrestler now?

  20. Honest T

    Honest T

    11 dager siden

    Love it

  21. Honest T

    Honest T

    11 dager siden

    I love sports not being about killing the other person

  22. Honest T

    Honest T

    11 dager siden

    Wonderful, Wonderful.

  23. Josh Hainer

    Josh Hainer

    11 dager siden

    Boxer or not this guy is hhhhuuuuuggggeee compared to him. Im pretty sure a real heavy weight boxer could take floyd. Im not 100 on that but i think so.

  24. Fabian Atencio

    Fabian Atencio

    11 dager siden

    This dude is lost... He believes everything that comes out of his mouth to be facts... One word *delusional*

  25. JME.


    12 dager siden

    These Logan Kids got their heads so far up their ass 😒

  26. TehBliz


    12 dager siden

    You think he gassed out just from striking just wait till wrestling is in the mix, boys gonna need a inhaler lmao

  27. Timothy Wilder

    Timothy Wilder

    12 dager siden

    This guy is more awkward then Jake.

  28. Amar Balalic

    Amar Balalic

    12 dager siden

    It shoud be a privilege to fight Floyd. This makes no sense.

  29. Stomp killer

    Stomp killer

    12 dager siden

    Logan paul : every day when i take a shit its a victory

  30. Janny_Faca_Jan


    12 dager siden

    mma? with who? izzy,whitaker..give me a break..this dude cant survive half round in octagon

  31. M


    12 dager siden

    Would love to see Logan vs Jon Jones in the UFC!

  32. Tegridy Farms

    Tegridy Farms

    12 dager siden

    His biggest win in life is a draw.

  33. Tyson Maihi

    Tyson Maihi

    12 dager siden

    What a fucking robbery

  34. GoofySlayZz


    12 dager siden

    Fight someone in MMA you’d get your ass whooped and floyd destroyed you he’s not a heavy weight and he wasn’t taking the fight seriously he looks like he hasn’t got a single mark on him ahaha

  35. Aashish Adhikari

    Aashish Adhikari

    12 dager siden

    He can beat JonBones for sure 🙏🏾

  36. Can do Life

    Can do Life

    12 dager siden

    Please get in the cage ;) we need a new CM punk crossover and will humble these brothers fighting people there size

  37. Rick Stearns

    Rick Stearns

    12 dager siden

    Everyone want Logan to win but we all want Jake to lose and BAD!😀💪😎

  38. PimpLord GSP

    PimpLord GSP

    12 dager siden

    'from "i g0T NoTh1nG to l0sE 4gaiNsT Floyd" to claiming he didnt lose and wrestling is his true forte 😂😂

  39. RADS


    12 dager siden

    Grappler? You can try usman.

  40. khabib eagle

    khabib eagle

    12 dager siden

    you are fake rat and money maker in heart not fighter

  41. Conner Brown

    Conner Brown

    12 dager siden

    Fight a boxer your own size and you wouldn’t be chirping body shots. Dude truthfully is more than 30lbs less than you. Also, yes, you did lose. A “draw” with no judges doesn’t mean you won. I had a lot of respect for you, the maverick. Until now. You didn’t do half what you think you did.

  42. Matt Beyer

    Matt Beyer

    12 dager siden

    Happy for Logan but Floyd did beat your ass. For a 45 year old man he whooped that ass and he landed 50 percent of 100 punches and Logan landed 10 percent of over 200 punches. He whooped you ass Logan. Wtf are you talking about. Haha



    12 dager siden

    You wana turn to mma fight brock Lesnar

  44. Stephan Heinrich

    Stephan Heinrich

    12 dager siden

    as much as I hate Jake, Logan is a cool dude.

  45. David S.

    David S.

    12 dager siden

    Logan’s post fight interview… Mayweather runs by yelling “gotcha Pokémon“

  46. David G

    David G

    12 dager siden

    I hate the paul brothers for how dumb they are but the "Bitch I do situps" line got me 😂

  47. Billy Clements

    Billy Clements

    12 dager siden

    Jake would of knocked floyd the fuck out

  48. Jesus Flores

    Jesus Flores

    12 dager siden

    LMAO where is his cockyness at🤔🤭 He's 0-3 he's fighting Canelo next🤣🤣

  49. Allan Ayala

    Allan Ayala

    12 dager siden

    HOW can he sit there talking about Floyd getting older.. when Floyd is less than 155lbs and this fuck was prob 200+ on fight night. It’s like trying to move a mountain when you’re talking these numbers. I am not a fan of either men but come on.. Logan could have covered up for the entire fight and the same would have happened. This is was cash grab for both and anyone who watched/paid for the PPV is dumber for watching.. myself included..

  50. Samuel Cruz Jr

    Samuel Cruz Jr

    12 dager siden

    Don’t get that charizard chain snatched!!!

  51. shun shun

    shun shun

    12 dager siden

    I like Logan Paul

  52. Delta


    12 dager siden

    Fight Jon Jones see what happens

  53. il bz

    il bz

    12 dager siden

    Wow Logan did a great job. I am afraid that Tyron Woodley will not win the fight against Logan, but you never know. I will give this fight to Logan, he is a young and tough kid.

  54. Scott Hummel

    Scott Hummel

    12 dager siden

    Take on Khabib

  55. Ethan Orr

    Ethan Orr

    12 dager siden

    He should dude can wrestle a lil bit

  56. Ivan Lopez

    Ivan Lopez

    12 dager siden

    Well makes sense since he hugged floyd every damn round like a bitch 🙄, weak ass boxing fight! Pure clout chasers fuck a dream

  57. mark m

    mark m

    12 dager siden

    Logan is a sociopath on steroids

  58. Alphabetismylanguage


    12 dager siden

    I heard Ngannou was wanting an easy payday 🙂

  59. Young nigga

    Young nigga

    12 dager siden

    U jus dont have knock out power logan ur great but u should give up boxing

  60. Vincent


    12 dager siden

    The Adrian Broner question was dumb

  61. Techno How

    Techno How

    12 dager siden

    Adrian? , what a fail!! no one has clue about that looser!!!

  62. zeNUKEify


    12 dager siden

    Man was grappling the whole fight

  63. JonTheOpp


    12 dager siden

    Clinch master

  64. darkmvz


    12 dager siden

    You can grapple, but can you submit like Khabib

  65. Trunks Issa

    Trunks Issa

    12 dager siden

    Try that on Mike Tyson Logan😂 I swear he murders you at this age🤣🤣🤣

  66. Baris


    12 dager siden

    The amount of likes in this video shows how many casuals actually follow this channel smh

  67. Cristian Segarra

    Cristian Segarra

    12 dager siden

    It was all set up smh. Floyd held back so much it was so obvious, all for the money

  68. Gary Lee

    Gary Lee

    12 dager siden

    At least he keeps am open mind. Seems more like ale than his bro.

  69. Elvis Gaming

    Elvis Gaming

    12 dager siden

    These are sad days for boxing...

  70. Powers Benzo Coaching

    Powers Benzo Coaching

    12 dager siden


  71. Phil Moran

    Phil Moran

    12 dager siden

    Someone do something with these dudes nothing is working only making it worse

  72. Irish Pride

    Irish Pride

    12 dager siden

    Feed him to John Jones😂😂😂

    • Jojo Padelski

      Jojo Padelski

      12 dager siden

      That’s murder actually

    • Filip Gimell

      Filip Gimell

      12 dager siden


  73. Gsdizzle91


    12 dager siden

    He weighed 190lb for this so he'd be either 185lb or 205lb in the UFC, let's say he does 185lb who's he going to fight that he has a chance against but also worth watching? Sam Alvey? They've sparred before.

  74. Annu Nakian

    Annu Nakian

    12 dager siden

    LP in the UFC would actually be interesting.

  75. John Fernandez

    John Fernandez

    12 dager siden

    Millionaires taking the poors money. Shout out to piracy 🏴‍☠️

  76. Eli 23 Rogans

    Eli 23 Rogans

    12 dager siden

    Don't forget, this wasn't a fight, this was an exhibition. This whole event relied on manipulating the audience just like the mainstream media does... They told us the truth, that they were going to put on an 8 round exhibition w/no judges or winner/loser. Then they build up pretend beef/drama over the days leading up to said exhibition, get people emotionally involved, and by the end, have the audience divided over the outcome, with "journalists" playing into the drama following the event. Now here we are discussing it like it was a real boxing event. Essentially from the same playbook as the recent presidential "election".

  77. The Son of the BattleCry

    The Son of the BattleCry

    12 dager siden

    Dudes a aweful boxer and Floyd is an embarrassment he should be ashamed

  78. miguel rios

    miguel rios

    12 dager siden

    He should get pay 30 cents for the fight.🍺 fight stink 🚽

  79. Joshua Whidden

    Joshua Whidden

    12 dager siden

    Francis vs logan????

  80. OnlyIn Yaks

    OnlyIn Yaks

    12 dager siden

    He said “I do sit ups bitch” 😂

  81. Eric Christian

    Eric Christian

    12 dager siden

    I scored it zero rounds to zero rounds

  82. Benjamin Richard

    Benjamin Richard

    12 dager siden

    Floyd Mayweather is the Goat!

  83. G Hikeberg

    G Hikeberg

    12 dager siden

    Damn the way he just mocked tyson is sad

  84. Eire King

    Eire King

    12 dager siden

    This is so cringey man

  85. Molder X

    Molder X

    12 dager siden

    Floyd is not I repeat not the Greatest Boxer, never mind his record 50,0 his last couple of fights were for cash, if you want to be in the league of the Greats you need to beat the best and go 12 slugfest rounds it's about winning and history thecrest comes after

  86. Taylor and Daddy

    Taylor and Daddy

    12 dager siden

    I still dont understand why someone would pay money to watch this

  87. Barry O'Sullivan

    Barry O'Sullivan

    12 dager siden

    Logan got fucking schooled by a master . And dont try and say that his punches didn't hurt him . When the champ champ hits. You fucking feel it you fool . Please please please someone needs to drop this fool .

  88. LilEvilKaneevil


    12 dager siden

    Floyds face doesn’t look like he fought Logan’s face couple shiners 😂😂

  89. Gemma Louise

    Gemma Louise

    12 dager siden

    Floyd's a mug!!! Logan congratulations man

  90. Neil Raton

    Neil Raton

    12 dager siden

    Logan looks so sore after Flpyd's shots and fatigue ,that's when you keep cursing and screaming to numb the numbness ,whereas Floyd could go hours in his interview calm and collected

  91. 32natedawg


    12 dager siden

    Shit boxers don’t say 😂🤦‍♂️

  92. 0010111000101100 0100100101110110

    0010111000101100 0100100101110110

    12 dager siden

    I wanna see floyd and logan do tennis match

  93. MicP - Scientific Mystic

    MicP - Scientific Mystic

    12 dager siden

    So yeah, Floyd def had Logman running and hugging more than Floyd use to do. He got schooled

  94. The Never Ending Show

    The Never Ending Show

    12 dager siden

    Tyson was seeing Evander Holyfield Flash back with all the grabbing the man's was ready to take an ear!

  95. swamp thing

    swamp thing

    12 dager siden

    Hahahahaha a youtuber went 8 rounds with floyd and nothing happened ... Kinda makes me wanna see canelo vs floyd 2 or pac vs floyd 2...... Kinda makes you think maybe just maybe boxing os about as real as wwe........

  96. Jeffery Flood

    Jeffery Flood

    12 dager siden

    Did he just mock tysons voice...? Just when i started liking this dude he says some dumb shit like that??

  97. Jeffery Flood

    Jeffery Flood

    12 dager siden

    I knos i may sound crazy but i REALLY do believe logan and his brother would be GREAT MMA fighters and if anything i think theyll do better in MMA than boxing

  98. Jeremy Mac

    Jeremy Mac

    12 dager siden

    If u paid for this your a true mark

  99. Jeremy Mac

    Jeremy Mac

    12 dager siden

    Stop covering this garbage