Logan Paul reveals DMs from Tyson Fury; Wants to train with Hasbullah

Logan Paul talks to the media ahead of his fight with Floyd Mayweather. Please excuse poor audio, had technical issues.


  1. BuddyBaac


    6 dager siden

    Am I the only one who hears hezbollah (the terrorist organization in Lebanon) and not hasbullah the fierce Dagestani warrior 😂 Logan Paul supports terrorists

  2. SamerYT


    10 dager siden

    Inner hezbollah?

  3. your succulent toes

    your succulent toes

    10 dager siden

    Logan Paul endorses Hezbollah

  4. Dave Ssss

    Dave Ssss

    11 dager siden

    nobody messes with the champ, Hasbullah!

  5. Shining Darkness

    Shining Darkness

    11 dager siden

    Why they talking about that irrelevant overrated baby

  6. Johan H

    Johan H

    13 dager siden

    Trained along this guy in the allstar gym, just a normal person even a bit scared/shy

  7. Andrew Rulnick (Sandman) & DESIGNA's YouTube

    Andrew Rulnick (Sandman) & DESIGNA's YouTube

    14 dager siden

    I hate, hate, HATE this clown. If he ever gets the courage to acknowledge my challenge I will absolutely decimate, destroy him in the ring. If by some miracle he manages to beat Mayweather this fight is staged. I'll tell you what, I get my professional boxing license soon, let me know if you want to go six rounds with the best Heavyweight champ since Tyson in his prime. My stable is deep and I have one mission and that is to destroy you and take my championships.



    14 dager siden

    Hasbullah will smash paul brothers

  9. Lf Logan

    Lf Logan

    14 dager siden

    Hasbulla Dagestan 🦁!!!!!!!

  10. Rohit Chourasiya RC

    Rohit Chourasiya RC

    14 dager siden

    Make Hasbulla fight with Floyd and Logan he's gonna Knock out both of them🌝

  11. Lawyer Service Direct

    Lawyer Service Direct

    14 dager siden

    His brother is sharper and quicker. This guy is slow and hes been rocked. His eyes are like luke kuechly. Hes been rocked prob when he didnt know what he was doing

  12. BrotherMohd Hanif

    BrotherMohd Hanif

    15 dager siden

    Logan have tiny friend too. Logan love friend with tiny people. Good guy

  13. Nathan Davies

    Nathan Davies

    15 dager siden

    Logan Paul can’t take a shot....... got KO’d stiff by Paulo Costa in 16oz gloves and headgear....... and his nerd friend buzzed him from a slap

  14. Beep Boop

    Beep Boop

    15 dager siden

    Why does every elite fighter wanna fight Logan Paul? he’s such a nice guy and has never won a single fight

  15. WillZy Kassab

    WillZy Kassab

    15 dager siden

    Ksi bashed him

  16. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel Lopez

    15 dager siden

    What a queef

  17. Jonathan Keating

    Jonathan Keating

    15 dager siden

    Not used to the spotlight. Another "day in the office" for Mayweather

  18. Derek Edmond

    Derek Edmond

    15 dager siden

    Lamb talking to his brosephs before he’s sent to slaughter.

  19. Serhat Tasdelen

    Serhat Tasdelen

    15 dager siden

    this was shot by nokia 360

  20. Andy H

    Andy H

    15 dager siden

    Can't wait for this rubbish to be over and hope to god they both disappear into the sunset. Appeasing casuals is all they do.

  21. Nigel Prosser

    Nigel Prosser

    15 dager siden

    What a tosser ,

  22. Ains Syme

    Ains Syme

    15 dager siden

    He wants to train with hasbullah,f logan.just jump on any hype train ass hole.floyd had better punch f out of him for mma(wich dosint even like him.lol)this annoyed me so much...go floyd my man,remember what they did to u'r hat bro 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊dont play about wie him,some people need what they need👊👊

  23. Michael Kelly

    Michael Kelly

    15 dager siden


  24. Curt


    15 dager siden

    It's funny him saying floyd hasn't had a knockout in a decade logan hasn't even got a knockout floyd fought elite fighters gtfo

  25. Omani CC

    Omani CC

    15 dager siden

    Lol I love how Hasbullah has become worldwide famous now. I remember watching the original vids of him when he was referred to as 'Mini Khabib' or 'Khabib's son' and now everyone is talking about him haha

  26. The Ronin

    The Ronin

    15 dager siden

    Got to love his badly misguided self belief..I hope he likes hospital food.

  27. Baz Wax

    Baz Wax

    15 dager siden

    That combover though.😬

  28. Stefan Bas

    Stefan Bas

    15 dager siden

    Mayweather is gonna school this cat

  29. robertg305


    15 dager siden

    Jake vs. Tommy needs to happen

    • vinay aaroon

      vinay aaroon

      15 dager siden

      Jake isn't a boxer

  30. robertg305


    15 dager siden

    This is getting lot's of publicity

  31. Atiqullah Fareedzai

    Atiqullah Fareedzai

    15 dager siden

    Hazbulla will maul you bro ☺️

  32. S. dot

    S. dot

    15 dager siden

    After Jon Jones beats Ngannu, he will bulk up to Super HW and challenge Hasbullah.

    • The Hellhounds of Krim

      The Hellhounds of Krim

      11 dager siden

      More like: after Ngannou knocks out Jones, he will bulk up even more and challenge Hasbullah

  33. S. dot

    S. dot

    15 dager siden

    Khabib retired because he was afraid of the true Dagestani Gangster, the GOAT, Hasbullah.

  34. Roma


    15 dager siden

    Logan Paul is channeling Hezbullah

  35. Wau Bulan

    Wau Bulan

    16 dager siden

    @JavierMendezAKApodcast get the boys to do live with Hasbulla. They got the most direct connection out of any media 😁😁

  36. Samuel Ling

    Samuel Ling

    16 dager siden


  37. James massone

    James massone

    16 dager siden

    See Logan’s not hand picking his fights

  38. Carl Stevenson

    Carl Stevenson

    16 dager siden

    Yes I left like number 1,000

  39. Amalia


    16 dager siden

    "I know as long as I channel my inner Hasbulla, the greatest fighter of our time, we are going to get the job done, I'm channeling him. The fiercest warrior the world has ever seen. We love Hasbulla. I want him to walk out with me. Give me Hasbulla!" 🤣🤣

  40. Rasul


    16 dager siden

    Hasbulla is a man

  41. Магомедали Закаригаев

    Магомедали Закаригаев

    16 dager siden

    Хасбик тайм

  42. Hamza Hussain

    Hamza Hussain

    16 dager siden


  43. Kirk Hardison

    Kirk Hardison

    16 dager siden

    Floyd is low IQ. Just giving these guys what they want.

  44. raven


    16 dager siden

    If i was Logan Paul. Id go out 1st round swinging bombs. 2nd same. If he gets to 3rd. Same again. U cant box with Floyd. Simple as that

  45. Issam Akarid

    Issam Akarid

    16 dager siden

    hasbullah is the goat he will not train with logan

  46. Асхаб Тамаев

    Асхаб Тамаев

    16 dager siden

    Please, dear friends, don’t pass by! We will be thankful to everyone who helps us with explaining what Logan Paul said from 00:33 - 00:55 about our dear Hasbulla! Everything he said, every phrase. We need it for our video, but we can’t clearly understand every word because of sound problems in this video! Thank you so much!

    • Altan Lucian

      Altan Lucian

      14 dager siden

      Greetings to the mighty Hasbulla from Romania 🇷🇴 💪🏻

    • L' Escalier Basse-Ville

      L' Escalier Basse-Ville

      15 dager siden

      Ashab , tell this that Logan Paul talk about Hasbulla, maybe Hasbulla could do a shout out to the Paul family. maybe a collaboration would be nice

    • Idris Wan

      Idris Wan

      15 dager siden

      He means that hasbulla is a king and he loves him ❤️

    • Skyyz


      15 dager siden

      he wants to workout with hasbula

    • Pazhiloy Elf

      Pazhiloy Elf

      15 dager siden

      логан приход тухш вар прост

  47. jelly baby

    jelly baby

    16 dager siden

    Logan will KO Floyd

  48. Esus Ra`EL

    Esus Ra`EL

    16 dager siden

    Hasbulla only fights God's demons.

  49. Nationalism Above All

    Nationalism Above All

    16 dager siden

    There are levels to this game kid.

  50. justin perry

    justin perry

    16 dager siden


  51. Jay Saint

    Jay Saint

    16 dager siden

    Hasbulla Is a mythic god.

    • Ican Aja

      Ican Aja

      15 dager siden

      Abdurozik: no, he's not. I am

  52. Konservativt Norge

    Konservativt Norge

    16 dager siden

    He is fucking 40 pounds and half a foot taller. If he Can’t KO Floyd (which he ofcourse will not) its an embarrasment. WHAT is it for the viewer to SEE..?!?? This is just stupid. He should box Tyson Fury’s son.... How can You respect a Combat athlete that will not fight guys his own size, that might be better even.. thats THE POINT of combat. To see who is the bigger BMF. And FAIR PLAY. He should fight guys 85-100 kg.. what a mockery.

  53. Pedro “STROM” Strom

    Pedro “STROM” Strom

    16 dager siden

    the inner hasbullah !! lol my God ! you already lost to the brit guy that cant punch, come on !!

  54. Work Email

    Work Email

    16 dager siden

    Glad Logan has enough brain cells to know that Fury would end his life lol...

  55. 6ixObaid


    16 dager siden

    I remember when masvidal said usman never knocked anyone out... and logan is saying floyd never knocked anyone out.... R.I.P Logan Paul i am from the future he is dead from a right hand

  56. AMR


    16 dager siden

    everyone is a gangster untill hasbullah steps in.

  57. Hisham p

    Hisham p

    16 dager siden

    Hasbulla is the goat

  58. oni


    16 dager siden

    Hezbollah lmao

  59. Hyper Borea

    Hyper Borea

    16 dager siden

    Logan said hezbollah lol guess he is pro Palestine

  60. MrCharliejr


    16 dager siden

    This guy just wants to get a big pay day, mayweather shouldn’t fight this clown, because after this fight he will get paid big

    • deadbodyman131


      16 dager siden

      Obviously. You’re not just now figuring this out are you...? 😂

  61. ALI ALI


    16 dager siden

    Floyd's gonna make a mockery out of this guy but its entertaining though !

    • Kirk Hardison

      Kirk Hardison

      16 dager siden

      Floyd is a joke.

  62. JeepZJ 101

    JeepZJ 101

    16 dager siden

    Boooooi, you'll beeeeee a real boxah soooooon! 🎵🎶

  63. SonsOfLothar


    16 dager siden

    Everybody got a plan till Hasbullah shoots a takedown.



    16 dager siden

    "AAA" for Sound quality

  65. Joe Blow

    Joe Blow

    16 dager siden

    Sooo. I'm the guy who actually thinks Logan has become a likeable character in the game of life, unlike his repulsive younger alternate who will never reach redemption.

  66. Refiner Similitude

    Refiner Similitude

    16 dager siden

    0:40 I wonder if he knows he's saying Hezbollah and not Hasbullah.

  67. Mirando Y Explorando

    Mirando Y Explorando

    16 dager siden

    Bad audio

  68. Call me out if I'm being a twat

    Call me out if I'm being a twat

    16 dager siden

    I like Logan but watching him talk tough about boxing makes me cringe

  69. Kyle Harler (Kyle Weezy)

    Kyle Harler (Kyle Weezy)

    16 dager siden

    Mayweather is gonna sleep this dude if they truly start boxing. He tko'd Connor and he is a million times more skilled of a boxer then this dude who got beat by KSI. This dude is dulsional. But fuck if they were gonna pay me that kinda money I'd talk shit and fight Mayweather to lol

  70. Clips


    16 dager siden

    Tf is this shit sound quality?

  71. vedant patel

    vedant patel

    16 dager siden

    I thought tyson fury was off social media training for wilder

  72. Mark “Mark” Blank

    Mark “Mark” Blank

    16 dager siden

    Not hard to picture what cavemen looked like

  73. Lisa Maroukian

    Lisa Maroukian

    16 dager siden

    🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 their 15 minutes are almost up. THANK GOD 🤦🏻‍♀️

  74. George Isv

    George Isv

    16 dager siden

    A hasbullah and Logan video would prob be the best video ever .

  75. DanGodsman


    16 dager siden

    This video proves Tyson fury is the biggest fraud in the heavy weight division, fuck fighting Joshua fight Logan Paul?

  76. Ishmael C

    Ishmael C

    16 dager siden

    Wolf tickets

  77. Mark Daniels

    Mark Daniels

    16 dager siden

    Mac life has the worst audio every time

  78. UKs Finest

    UKs Finest

    16 dager siden

    People care about this cos of "gotcha hat" Let that sink in...

  79. Simstar 247

    Simstar 247

    16 dager siden

    Imagine Logan fights tyson fury. Now that's legit murder in the ring.

    • Luprez Tryson

      Luprez Tryson

      13 dager siden

      Logan could walk in the ring with a baseball bat and still wouldn’t touch fury

    • Andrija Zecevic

      Andrija Zecevic

      14 dager siden

      @Ben_Scotty_ Logan will probably have the knife,but he will give it to Tyson,in order to make it a fair fight.

    • Jacob Hatcher

      Jacob Hatcher

      15 dager siden

      @Ben_Scotty_ Logan could have a gun and still lose

    • Ben_Scotty_


      15 dager siden

      @Andrija Zecevic why would logan have a knife or something? 😉

    • Hitesh


      16 dager siden

      @Andrija Zecevic ha

  80. Nick's Strength and Power

    Nick's Strength and Power

    16 dager siden

    Nice audio

    • Ian13 87

      Ian13 87

      16 dager siden

      Sup Nick nice to see you here

  81. Cristian Ponse

    Cristian Ponse

    16 dager siden

    Say his name properly, bum.

  82. Chr. 95

    Chr. 95

    16 dager siden

    This isnt even funny

  83. UgetWhatU[FKN]Deserve


    16 dager siden

    Ive noticed every fighter that's said "he hasn't ko'd anyone" always ends up getting KO'd in their fight.

    • ItsameAlex


      16 dager siden

      nah that's not true, you made that up

    • Jay U

      Jay U

      16 dager siden

      @Kitty Kat my god...that sounded like trash. Dont force garbagr down peoples throat

    • Kitty Kat

      Kitty Kat

      16 dager siden


  84. Bootsie Bootsie

    Bootsie Bootsie

    16 dager siden

    This clown finessing everyone

  85. TrapKing Productions

    TrapKing Productions

    16 dager siden

    This dude better never talk about hasbullah ever again.

  86. hunnid dub hunnid stack

    hunnid dub hunnid stack

    16 dager siden

    He knocked Conor out idiot

    • deadbodyman131


      16 dager siden

      Bro he couldn’t even knock Conor down. The fuck are you talking about? You think every tko finish counts as a knockout? 😂

  87. sqwill


    16 dager siden

    logans the realest fighter in the game, from mayweather to most feared being on earth hasbulla. what cant he do

  88. Hung Solo

    Hung Solo

    16 dager siden

    I came here to ask the simple questions, why is everybody interested in this “fight”? Did people not learn from the Nate Robinson, Ben Askren fights? Why pay to watch NOnetrs do what they do best to get paid and entertain you with a false hope of seeing Logan KO Floyd? Why? You have different promotions, different but yet actual legitimate fights that are real and also entertaining, yet people seem to want to watch this type of show. I came to this page to get my questions answered that’s all.

  89. Big ben316

    Big ben316

    16 dager siden

    0-1 vs 50-0 doesnt make sense and no one gives 2 shits about the paul brothers

  90. YaBoy Ben

    YaBoy Ben

    16 dager siden

    Actually quite ashamed of fury wanting to fight logan hes a current world champ stay classy my guy..

  91. Ничего Себе

    Ничего Себе

    16 dager siden

    Hasbulla took over MMA now he's coming after Boxing.. he's the face of the fight game

    • UKs Finest

      UKs Finest

      16 dager siden

      Oh jeez no

  92. Ainsley Harriot

    Ainsley Harriot

    16 dager siden

    did i hear hezbollah

  93. Heimlich the Caterpillar

    Heimlich the Caterpillar

    16 dager siden

    I fully believe Tyson Fury tried to fight Logan Paul with Tommy Fury and Jake Paul on the undercard.

    • JuanDaBot


      16 dager siden

      @NoComment nah Tyson fury challenged him Logan denied tho

    • Heimlich the Caterpillar

      Heimlich the Caterpillar

      16 dager siden

      @NoComment Tommy doesn't.

    • NoComment


      16 dager siden

      Pretty sure the gypsy king has more important things going on.

  94. Jack Ball

    Jack Ball

    16 dager siden

    He says he can take a shot, but can he take 200 relentless shots to the head and body. Levels!

  95. Anshuman Sharma

    Anshuman Sharma

    16 dager siden

    Damn it's really dark out there

  96. Sheikh Nouman

    Sheikh Nouman

    16 dager siden

    He's anxious. Idk what he's talking about. 🧐

  97. Syed Raza

    Syed Raza

    16 dager siden

    If it goes the distance then Logan is the winner because Floyd couldn't KO a youtuber

    • deadbodyman131


      15 dager siden

      @coin slot It absolutely would. Sorry if it hurts your feelings or something, but you’re fucking delusional if you think Floyd going the distance with Logan Paul won’t seriously tarnish his reputation as one of the best in the world.

    • coin slot

      coin slot

      16 dager siden

      @deadbodyman131 That is not at all how it is. The NOnet “kid” is a 26 year old giant (compared to Floyd) with power, who is a competent boxer. The fight inevitably going the distance does not reduce Floyd’s legacy to “not being able to knock out a NOnet boxer in an exhibition at age 44” His legacy is only tarnished if he gets badly hurt, knocked out, or loses in any fashion. Imagine unironically saying Floyd’s legacy is reduced if he wins without a stoppage. The man is retired. LMAO!

    • deadbodyman131


      16 dager siden

      @coin slot Floyd already took a loss agreeing to fight a youtuber who’s 0-1 professionally. How The skill difference really should be much greater than the difference in size. If Floyd doesn’t finish Logan his entire legacy is going to be reduced to being the guy who couldn’t knock out a NOnet kid and nothing else. Not saying that’s how it should be, but that’s definitely how it would go down.

    • coin slot

      coin slot

      16 dager siden

      It’s going the distance, and it won’t be an L for Floyd. Floyd is a 5’7, 150 pound old man with no power. Logan is 6’2, 200 pounds with decent skill and tons of power. It’s almost impossible for Floyd to KO him. As long as Floyd dominates, he is the winner. Simple.

  98. kunga bhutia

    kunga bhutia

    16 dager siden


  99. Adam Letmon

    Adam Letmon

    16 dager siden

    That audio makin me flinch

  100. Mik Mac

    Mik Mac

    16 dager siden

    Dont bring hasbulla into uoure freak show

    • ItsameAlex


      16 dager siden

      he is a freak, 17 years old with the body of a 5 year old